While Ethereum is universally credited with kick-starting the web3 revolution after bringing the concept of smart contracts to life, community leaders like Sota Watanabe of Astar Network believe the protocol cannot create the innovative future of . Badri is included, but some critics also point to this as an obstacle, explicitly arguing that Ethereum makes a less-than-ideal place to build virtual EVMs and WebAssembly to adopt smart contracts and Web 3. Developed to accelerate

We can say that this and the various limitations in EVM have led to the creation of that assembly and this alternative is known as the preferred virtual machine for developers and engineers who are frustrated with EVM. According to Watanabe, WASM appears to be a choice for web2 developers looking to migrate to web3 because it supports a wide range of languages with performance and high portability, and to learn more about it When CEO Sota Watanabe was contacted, he explained why he is supporting both EVM and WASM, for Astar Networks CEO to accept and bring in web assembly and web3, where he responds by saying If you ask us what is WASM then we will tell you that it is commonly called as WSM it is a type of web assembly which is a portable compilation for programming languages and it comes with native performance and high portability and supports a huge range of languages and he says that at Astar, we support a smart contract environment similar to the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) which includes WASM and a cool thing is that it supports Web2 services. belongs to web assembly And of course this is not true at all for Ethereum’s EVM as it relies on a special programming language called solidity and moreover he believes that WASM can help in the adoption of smart contracts and promote web3 services. is doing a good job to do this and may see revolutionary changes where most of the tech talent is still working in the web 2 space and if web 2 developers are willing to move to 3 then definitely They are left with no choice but to learn a new programming language that is used by the most popular smart contract platforms today. We don’t know whether they can build web 3 developing apps using those languages. And of course it is a fundamental duty to make their dapps easy to use and fully compatible with EVMs and that is why WASM smart contracts are attracting a lot of talent from web2 to web3 and of course It is a great thing for them that the service of Web 3 will proceed smoothly and new employment opportunities will be generated.

When it comes to challenges or limitations, according to SW(Sota Watanabe), Ethereum has certainly revolutionised the introduction of smart contracts and enhanced web 3 services through enhancements where Alone cannot build the future of and he adds that with a specific programming when we will definitely work through the developers community to explore interoperability and develop its potential With support and specialised programming language can perform this task.
Today, Web3 is a prohibitive process for many Web2 developers because Web2 languages are not as compatible as Ethereum’s languages and do not support programming. With Webassembly (WASM), developers can quickly move from Web2 to Web3. Can transition and enables them to learn RAM languages that enable them to build core features in their dapps and spend more time on it where WASM boosts performance through high throughput and is like a machine language and web browser Shows the closest value to the Internet of Things and definitely allows developers to build their own language into high speed apps and at the same time definitely design it to serve the web where the future of the Internet holds limitless possibilities. has been done.
In the next question asking them whether they can understand that it can work and run well on different browsers and search engines and provide good services to the users and its efficiency and debug system. as what do they know then in reply SW says yes it is true whatever you said it helps to create and highlight a great trust among people and developers of web2 community and that tooling developing apps with and of course there will be both the potential and the potential to adopt web 3 and enjoy its services and moreover of course already in development where supported by top companies like google and microsoft So it can be used as C, c++. This will be done with programming languages like Rust and Go. which of course are common to web 2 developers and they know how to use it quite well.

Asking him if he is attracted to WASM and willing to migrate web2 developers to web3 developers he states that over the years he has interacted with thousands of web2 developers and concluded that he wants to migrate to web3. Ready to innovate but there was a problem of tooling which could help them to do so and the same problem stopped them whereas we have built a platform through which they can now adopt web3 with the help of all their coding skills Where they say that through these services they can develop a great web3 ecosystem after using all the tooling and of course it can be very beneficial for them to work in this direction. Moving forward and need a helping hand.

Whereas when asked if your platform Astar Network would help developers to dapp with both EVM and WASM, he replied that he is of the opinion that there are different skill sets. And when one truly develops technology using a smart contract platform full of capabilities and priorities, it should not be forced to bring this vision to life and certainly it is worth the choices in which it builds the projects. and use smart contracting which is necessary for them.
He further adds that EVM and WASM support Context to provide flexibility to developers where it develops the most popular smart contracts with the largest user base and it gives developers a new avenue to enter the space. and ease all their hurdles and overcome them and of course he believes that having two VMs simultaneously and having one service and making it interesting and developing on an emerging layer for There is a main reason for the success and a new credit for its success. Where he is asked the question how all this affects the ecosystem and how it is beneficial for him then he explains that web to developers to create an innovative and good solution in the space of web3 and embedded tasks from it. It is necessary to enable this technology to perform and of course to develop a successful ecosystem that will be responsible for all this and present it to us in detail in a good way.

When asked in the last question that the Astar network provides true interoperability with cross-consensus messaging, he responds by saying that he definitely believes in Web3’s service and its ecosystem, and according to him, developers should really provide everything that is needed to build interoperable dapps and achieve that when data and value are securely transferred between each other as well as with various consensus mechanisms when My friend if tape is allowed then this is possible because there is a paragraph selection on Astar Polkadot and this feature can act as part of the core features and it can work in two different- like EVM and WASM. Establishes interoperable connections between different smart contract OK environments and uses EVM for its smart contracts but of course WASM can implement smart contract modules and at the same time it can provide same services to others in the country Use of para chain features can do, which is absolutely essential.
We can say that to introduce a new dimension to web3 developers and to build a new solution and to do all this work through relative speed in programming language and utmost simplicity to present facilities to the users and work is going on very fast where all these have only one objective to merge web2 services with web3 services in some way and to present the services in a better way and to facilitate the users to Certainly through its services one can achieve user experience and speed through a platform especially without knowledge of programming and we can say that this effort is the best way to push the services in person. One of the best efforts and it should continue. This will certainly be a good win for Astar Networks as it shows them that it will be a good exposure and hope for users and for developers to open up new possibilities.


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