The idea of the metaverse has expanded to define a huge number of business models for the next years, but its current implementation has some inherent problems. While there are now several metaverses, none of them are compatible and none of them contribute to one another.
The Open Metaverse Alliance OMA3, which was established on November 1 with the goal of establishing standards for this communication, hopes to contribute to the resolution of this issue.
OMA3 claims that their conception of the metaverse is centred on user ownership, community-driven, and asset applicability. The group is situated in Switzerland. Its members organisations includes Animoca Brands, Alien Worlds, Dapper Labs, Metametaverse, Space Metaverse, Superworld, The Sandbox, Upland, Voxels, and Unstoppable Domains.
One of the group’s founding members, Dirk Lueth, described the association’s goals, while stating, “The vision of OMA3 is to move from a platform-controlled Web2-world to a user-centric Web3-metaverse.”
The organisation has identified many main topics that will be researched by several working groups in order to accomplish its objectives. The challenge of transferring users across metaverse worlds will be handled by the Portal and Mapping Working Group.
Another group will create standards to transport digital assets across various metaverses, while the legal working group will address the challenges posed by the complexity of digital IP originating in these virtual worlds. Investments and assets will be able to move freely across various metaverse platforms in this fashion.
Sebastien Borget, chief operating officer of The Sandbox, noted the significance of this viewpoint for the future of these platforms, saying, “With these shared standards, users will be able to take digital items that they own from one metaverse to another, enabling a universe of interconnected virtual worlds that prioritizes user experience and ownership over platform dominance and censorship.”
While, the OMA3 organisation is not the first to attempt to develop standards for the metaverse. With the same goal, the Metaverse Standards Forum was introduced on June 21 by organisations including Meta, Microsoft, Epic Games, Adobe, and Nvidia, among others.


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