Russian billionaire and businessman killed in helicopter crash in France and different standards have been set through different incidents and other similar incidents have been mentioned from different examples.

Vyacheslav Taran, a famous Russian businessman, founder of Forex Club and head of the Libertex Group, died during a helicopter race where he was the victim of a crash in the south of France. The famous Russian billionaire was 53 and was the only passenger on board the plane piloted by a 35-year-old French national who died. Prominent industrialist Taran was on a successful trip from the Swiss city of Lucerne to Monaco and was on board when the accident occurred near the Italian border on Friday, November 25. The news of his death was confirmed by Libertex, a trained platform for various assets including cryptocurrencies, and by the Russian embassy in Paris, which is a much more sensitive matter.
The Raj Nayak mission on Monday told a news agency that the helicopter of Moncaire crashed in the area of ​​Villefranche-sur-Mer and in this context the investigation has been started by the French authorities and efforts are being made to get to the bottom of the matter. But till now the exact cause of the accident or the exact type of accident has not been ascertained. it’s still suspense
The death of Vyacheslav Taran is just the latest in a series of such incidents in space. On 23 November, co-founder of Hong Kong-based company Amber Group, Tiantian Kullander, aged 30, died in his sleep and on 28 October developer co-founder Nikolai Mushegian, 29, drowned in Puerto Rico. became dead.
Amongst all these passengers is Taran, one of several Russian businessmen whose recent mysterious landings include the 39-year-old managing director of his corporation following the development of the Arctic in the Far East. Recently died under mysterious circumstances. Also included is Ivan Pechorin, who drowned on September 10 in a boat accident off Vladivostok.

There are at least 10 top officials who have either committed suicide or other strange deaths this year and half are linked to Russia’s two energy conglomerates and the reign-run and privately owned Lukoil. To take other examples, Ravil Maganov, 67, the chairman of an oil company, died in a Moscow hospital in September, apparently from a fall.
Taran Forex Club, a group of companies specialising in retail market differences and contracts for foreign exchange trading, lost its licence in 2018 and was forced to close by the Central Bank of Russia and founded in 1997. It was one of the largest platforms of its kind. Helicopter Accidental Death of Billionaire Businessman of Russia is really a shocking incident and such incidents have happened earlier also but it is completely an unsolved mystery and all the secrets of this incident are not exposed yet and agencies are investigating and Trying hard to get to the bottom of the matter. We can know that the Russian helicopter crash incident gives a lesson to all of us as well as an opportunity to make a better strategy for the future.


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