The ‘DIDCOIN’ World – A Review

According to Rouven Burgel, CEO of ‘DIDCOIN’ – ‘this is a new digital financial product for the Middle East countries’.

Interestingly it has fast grown to more than 17 countries of the world and still counting.

DIDCOIN – ‘digital dinar’ – is a payment service that allows over 500+ million people to access all modern financial services. This is almost a quarter of the world population. This service includes itself with other means of payments services like;



*mobile payments

*credit cards and bank transfers, etc.

The world is in the digital age.

Some interesting fact about DIDCOIN is that It has a potential audience about 500 million users in more than 17 countries with low transaction fees (almost 0 fees per transaction). And this is growing fast with no bounds. Many countries can also adapt it to their system of transactions. Due to this, DIDCOIN is generally accepted.

Also, the KYC (knowing your customer) is allowed because it is designed to protect financial institutions against fraud and corruption.

Reasons for the Introduction of DIDCOIN

Among the reasons offered for the introduction of the DIDCOIN is to help in liberating many aspects of financial systems in the Middle East countries. Other reasons are;

  1. Ameliorating the high volatility of local currencies together with high inflation adversely affects the wellbeing of the people.
  2. High inflation – Many countries of the Middle East are subjected to high inflation thereby making savings less meaningful
  3. Transaction time and token – These are problems in financial services for every exchange and payments


So, the best parts of the introduction of the wonderful DIDCOIN are;


  1. Easier payment – Payment will be so easy and affordable to the extent of not paying for gas through the token.
  2. Ease of exchange and transfer – Transaction of money will be done in no time to different users around the world
  3. Credit with DeFi -The DIDCOIN will grow exponentially and this will act as an incentive for token users to store and save.
  1. Also, discounts and bonuses will be given in gas stations, hotels, etc.

Some keywords:

  1. The DIDCOIN is available in form of digital currency that is available only in digital or electronic forms which makes it to be easier and safer to move about.
  2. Also, it is digitized which is very important for data processing, storage, etc
  3. Another cool thing about DIDCOIN is that it is -based. It is therefore used to buy goods and services and uses an online ledger with strong cryptography to secure online transactions.

In conclusion, it is believed that the inclusion of this means of financial service transaction will go a long way in helping people in so many aspects of life.



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