Kraken Faces Security Incident: Bug Bounty Program Exploited in $3 Million Theft

Crypto exchange Kraken is embroiled in a bizarre security incident involving a bug bounty program gone awry. According to Kraken's Chief Security Officer, Nick...
Bitcoin soars -

Paradigm’s $850M Investment Fund Signals Strong Confidence in Cryptocurrency Future

Paradigm, a leading venture capital firm focused on the cryptocurrency space, recently shocked the industry with a colossal $850 million investment fund. This hefty...
US Securities and Exchange Commission

Crypto Industry Adapts Amidst SEC Crackdown: Compliance, Innovation, and Collaboration

The cryptocurrency industry is in a curious position. On one hand, regulators in the US, particularly the SEC, are tightening their grip with lawsuits...
Tether synthetic dollar

Tether Launches aUSDt: Gold-Backed Synthetic Dollar Token

Tether, the company behind the world's largest stablecoin aUSDT, is making waves again with the launch of a new token: aUSDt. This innovative offering...
Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong

Coinbase CEO Warns of Crypto Exodus Due to Regulatory Uncertainty in US and UK

The world of cryptocurrency is facing a potential exodus, according to Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong. In a recent London conference, Armstrong voiced concerns about...
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Bitcoin Faces Resistance at $67,000: Market Analysts Divided on Future Trajectory

The world's leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, faces resistance around the $67,000 mark. After a promising start to the week, when it attempted to climb towards...
Daddy meme coin

Early Investors in Meme Coin DADDY Reap $45 Million Windfall Following Launch by Andrew...

Investors who got in early on the meme coin DADDY are laughing all the way to the bank, with some reportedly sitting on a...
dogecoin -

Dogecoin and Shiba Inu Plummet as Meme Coin Market Faces Major Correction

The once-mighty meme coin sector is facing a harsh reality check. Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB), the two most prominent meme coins, have...

Mudrex Launches “Earn” – Earn Interest on 50+ Cryptocurrencies Commission-Free

Indian crypto exchange Mudrex is shaking things up with the launch of their brand new product, "Earn." This innovative feature allows users to earn...
Coinbase Bitcoin

SEC Lawsuits Against Coinbase and Binance Shake Up US Cryptocurrency Regulation

The US regulatory landscape for cryptocurrency is heating up. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the nation's top securities regulator, has filed lawsuits against...