Hinkal: Revolutionizing Institutional Self-Custody with Shared Privacy

The world of cryptocurrency custody is on the cusp of a significant shift. While traditional third-party custodians have dominated the scene, a new breed...

Crypto Market Sell-Off Deepens as Liquidations Surge, Fueling Price Declines

The ongoing sell-off in the cryptocurrency market has taken a nasty turn. Falling prices have triggered a wave of liquidations, further accelerating the downward...
Bank for International Settlements

Basel Committee Approves New Crypto Disclosure Framework for Banks

The Global Banking Standard Setter, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS), has sent a ripple through the financial world by approving a new...

Bitcoin’s Price Plunge: Is Miner Capitulation Signaling a Market Bottom?

Bitcoin's recent price plunge has many investors wondering: is this the long-awaited bottom? CryptoQuant, a leading crypto on-chain data analysis firm, believes there might...
DWF Labs

DWF Labs Launches $20 Million Cloudbreak Fund to Support Web3 Projects in China

DWF Labs, an investor and market maker in the Web3 space, has launched a new fund supporting Web3 projects in China and other Chinese-speaking...

Solana (SOL) Price Surge: Analyzing the Factors Behind the 14% Weekly Increase

Solana (SOL), the native token of the high-speed Solana blockchain, has been on a tear lately, experiencing a significant price increase. This surge comes...
US Securities and Exchange Commission -

US Treasury Finalizes Crypto Tax Reporting Rules for 2025: What Investors Need to Know

The wait is over for American crypto investors. The US Treasury Department has finalized long-awaited tax reporting rules for cryptocurrency transactions, bringing much-needed clarity...

Bitcoin Price Edges Higher Following Launch of Australian Bitcoin ETF

After a sluggish weekend marked by low trading activity, Bitcoin price edged higher today, possibly fueled by the launch of a new exchange-traded fund...
The price of Bitcoin and Ethereum plummets; Polkadot falls after a near six-week run up thecryptonewshub

U.S. Government Transfers 4,000 Seized Silk Road Bitcoins, Market Braces for Impact

The recent transfer of roughly 4,000 Bitcoins by the U.S. government has sent ripples through the cryptocurrency world. These Bitcoins were seized from the...

SWIFT and CBDCs: Bridging Traditional Finance with Digital Currencies

The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) is set to revolutionize the financial landscape with its ambitious plans to launch a new platform...