Finiko, a man involved in organising Russia’s biggest financial village in recent years, has been detained in the United Arab Emirates. The detention of Eduard Sabirov in the Arab country follows the arrest of Zygmunt Zygmuntovich, the co-founder of the scheme last month, and of course the victims of the fraud played a key role in the millions embezzlement where Sabirov was arrested on 12 November in an international Placed on the wanted list and the general’s office told RIA Novosti agency, and the emirate’s National Bureau of Interpol announced his arrest on 30 November, adding that the Russian authorities would be detained for 60 days by Russia’s National Central Bureau of Interpol. A petition has been given in which the country’s Ministry of Justice has been given the intention of demanding his extradition.
One of Finiko’s high-profile representatives, Marat Sabirov, still appears in the spotlight where investigators show he was related to top management and an associate of mastermind Kirill Doronin, who has been in prison since July 2021, along with Zygmuntovich. Managed to leave Russia. and Finco, which was never established as a legal entity, certainly did a good job, with branches located in more than 70 Russian regions, promoting investment in a virtual platform, and offered extraordinary returns of 5% per day, and earlier this year the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs announced it had received nearly 10,000 applications from victims, with losses estimated at over 5 billion roubles. AND IT IS EXPECTED THAT THE INJURY MAY BE PROVIDED WHEREAS THE INJURY OF FINICO’S ACTIVITY IS EXPRESSED AS THE POTENTIAL OF IMPOSSIBLE INJURY AND IT IS STATED THAT THE SCHEME Russia, Ukraine and other countries of the former Soviet space, Germany, Austria and Hungary, the United States and a number of European Union countries were unsuspecting and investors raised capital and forced many of the victims to transfer funds to Finiko’s wallets. asked for and as reported December 2019 8 In addition to Doronin, Zygmuntowicz and Sabirov, the pyramid received over $1.5 billion worth of bitcoins between August 2021 and 20 others have been charged with large-scale fraud, and the list includes Lilia Nureeva and Dina Gabdullina as well as Finiko Ilgiz Shakirov, who was also arrested. So we can say that the top representative taken into custody by the law enforcement authorities has certainly sought his key role in the crypto scheme that defrauded investors around the world.


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