Litecoin (LTC) fell to its 10-day low on Thursday, with the coin falling for the third session in a row. Where after a high of $79.20 on Wednesday, LTC first. reached a low of $74.82 for the day as a result of which the coin dropped to its lowest point since November 29 while the price reached a low of $73.39 and it seems that the Litecoin price will be pushed to a low of $73. and especially with the prospects the 14-day relative strength and index is fast approaching this level and it should because the prospects are shaping up and the index is currently tracking at 57.10 and Heading towards the support point of 53.00.
Another notable coin on Thursday was Cosmos ( ATOM ) which hit its lowest level in the last 10 days and ATOM / USD went as low as $9.52 cake before the market re-entered and bought the recent declines where it is today Certain levels saw ATOM at its lowest level since 28th November which was last touched by the token at $9.45 as its floor where ATOM has mostly rebounded and is currently trading at the level of $9.71 and Also the RSI has bounced from its own floor at 39.50 and is currently at 41.40 where if this momentum continues to move in an upward direction then surely ATOM can aim to move above the $10.00 mark.
We can say that both the coins are working at their lowest level where they are at their lowest position from 10 days development which is really a concern and a fear in the mind of the investors but still we have to think Its growth can be expected to reach a peak and moreover it will definitely accelerate. Both the coins which are Litecoin and Atom are working at their lowest level of 10 days and it will not be wrong to say that both are considered very good in the crypto market and definitely this coin is very good for the investors. If it is economical and profitable, then we can say that its recession will not last long and it will definitely come up.


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