In late June 2022 it was revealed that Voyager Digital had secured a $500 million credit line from Alameda Research but suspended TSX-listed Voyager trading and deposits and withdrawals until July 1. It certainly lost much more than Throw Arrow Capital because it reportedly owes $655 million to Voyager on 3ac, which is certainly a huge amount and on July 6 it filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. It cited 3ac loans, and as of the end of July, the USA Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and the Federal Reserve Board issued a joint letter in which it issued a statement calling for the ads displayed on its website or related to any FDIC But even before his fall from grace the former CEO of FTX had agreed that FTX would aid the company and would certainly buy Voyager’s assets but before writing OK The regulations and through the state attorney general objected to buying these and now FTX is definitely out and on December 19th 2022 when crypto exchange, Binance reveals that it attempted to buy all of these lines was and not Of course it is buying these assets and the company insists it is working to unlock as much of the Voyager customers’ funds as possible in the US and establish clarity on the amounts already in their accounts. The crypto currency is returned to them.

Where representatives speak that their guiding principle and reflection is to definitely support and serve customers first and that their main goal is to return their cryptocurrency to users on time and provide assured income where Brian Schroder, Binance The CEO and President of US made all of the above statements on Monday, and Schroeder continued by saying that he hopes that his election will end the tragedy of bankruptcy called bankruptcy in which customers are wrongfully and unfairly misdirected. is pulled without error and upon transaction closure, users will be able to access and withdraw all of their digital assets through the Binance US platform, enabling all future formations of these asset types to be better. The bid follows the speculation and rumours that have dogged the world’s largest crypto exchange by volume, and of course the company’s form and efforts to reserve it, have been heavily criticised, and when Mazar has Audit has also been removed from its platform and its services have been discontinued. A report published to Ward Number claimed that the US Department of State is definitely investigating crypto exchange Binance. The next day, Binance thought over $3 billion in crypto assets had been withdrawn and the stablecoin BUSD had seen its supply decrease by over $3 on all three days since December.
Binance said on December 19 that Voyager Digital is “entering into an asset purchase agreement between Voyager Digital LLC and Binance US at a hearing on January 5, 2023 and seeks bankruptcy court approval and efforts to purchase the assets.” The objections to our decision can be heard even before the hearing on January 5th that was done by the former crypto exchange.
Binance further elaborated that customers should look out for Voyager Digital’s email “soon about next steps to conduct” and also confirmed the purchase to Voyager on Monday, noting that the assets were acquired for $1.022 billion. This will include all of Voyager’s crypto assets but it is all based on currently fair value and market action which could very well change in the future and Forbes writer Steven Erlich recently explains what he thinks about its bid. views and what may happen according to them. In addition to Binance US, INX, Wave Financial and Crosstower have also attempted to bid on Voyager’s remaining assets and are also interested, and the announcement states that “Binance US Deposits of $10 million and representing withdrawals up to a maximum of $15 million and may occur if the transaction is not closed by the extension of the month by April 18, 2030, and the agreement provides for immediate transfers always to be made to return the principal to customers. grants permission‚ÄĚ. Although there are many proposals being proposed to buy Yeager, here Binance, the leader in crypto exchange, is very keen to buy it through the best services and it wants to make all efforts to buy it and finish its acquisition. wants to ensure its new service system by introducing a new service system that while it is still working under a lot of vetting process but still its focus is on acquisition and it is definitely going to handle all kinds of transfer of users and full custody of their crypto assets, Kindly take¬†responsibility.


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