Bitzlato Will Restore Operations & Clearance From Russia, Co-Founder Vows

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitzlato is taking some steps to reestablish its operations and allow customers to withdraw bitcoin and Satoshina, a YouTube channel for crypto investing and trading backed by one of its founders, Anton Shakurenko. In an interview with Live, he said in January, what has been referred to by US authorities as a blow to the crime of crippling and how international law enforcement proceedings can be carried out on the Hong Kong-registered platform. was busted. It was said to have transferred $700 million in illicit funds obtained from a variety of criminal entities, including darknet market Hydra and Russian crypto Ponzi scheme Finico, according to the statement.
Its other co-founder, Anatoly Legkodimov, a Russian national living in China, was arrested and held in Miami. Other members of the team were posted in Europe at night and the service was interrupted only by the involvement of French authorities, who took control of its servers and shut down its website. Shkurenko told Satoskin host Dmitry Stepanin that French authorities could hand over Bitzlato’s hot wallet, which at the time held about 35 percent of user funds in different cryptocurrencies, but did not specify an exact amount. Denied reports that claimed more than $1 for the total amount that has been forfeited. The executive also denies allegations that the company has evaded taxation and assures that it has always followed KYC procedures under European law while cooperating with law enforcement authorities to prevent illegal activities. He has also expressed the hope that the charges will be dropped soon and the arrested people will be released.
Four Bitzlato employees have been arrested with the involvement of Europol as well as Shkurenko revealed his identity – former executive director Mikhail Lunev, marketing manager Alexander Goncharenko, Pavel Lerner, a contractor and system administrator working with Monolithos DAO Who was identified as Constantine. The latter was released on bail in Cyprus.
Bitzlato is currently ordering its losses and the co-founders state that the company is looking to move to Russia and modernize its activity under Russian jurisdiction, adding that currently, Bitzlato is an infrastructure contractor. is looking for. Anton Shkurenko assured that customers will be able to withdraw 50% of BTC to Bitzlato wallet on the same day the platform is relaunched, and has confirmed the timetable. Without giving it was told that without holding in altcoins will be released gradually. Binance, said to be the world’s largest crypto exchange, which was the largest recipient of Bitzlato, has admitted that it processed funds worth $346 million from the platform following legal enforcement proceedings in Eastern Europe and the nation of independent states. Blocked some accounts of Bitzlato users in Rummandal. The exchange later said that access to most of these accounts has been restored.


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