Brazilian Fintech Company Capital Partners with Azimut To Offer Crypto Services To European Markets

One of the companies serving the crypto currency market are fintech companies that have begun to attract the attention of more traditional asset management firms and Capital, which is a fintech company and a provider of a variety of cryptocurrency exchanges in Brazil, is one of them. Acts as a bridge, has entered into a partnership with Azimut, an Italian asset management firm, and has completed the deal, which includes an overall investment of €15 million (approximately $16.2 million) and allows the company to expand its operations across European countries. It will give approval to extend the services and to provide the services. If talked about in detail, it will also consider establishing Capital’s presence in Mexico and providing its services. The firm’s clients include a number of popular and important exchanges such as Kucoin, Huobi, and Bitget, which rely on the company to route their payments and cash withdrawals using Brazil’s traditional system and significantly implement it. . Talking later about the goal that the company wants to achieve in detail, Capital’s Executive Director Guilherme Nunes says that it wants to replicate the products it has in Brazil and test them in other countries. And also want to participate and serve in other jurisdictions there as well. his thoughts in bajAzimuth aims to become a center of blockchain technology and technology in the future and both companies aim to complement each other’s activity and engage with each other, with Azimut leveraging the company’s expertise in dealing with cryptocurrency and blockchain and In the meantime, Azimut gains capital from the traditional finance and regulatory systems in the markets. Surely we can say that Azimut’s interest in blockchain technology is nothing new as the firm became one of the first to launch blockchain-based security tools in 2021 with the backing of Signum Bank and now the company is based in Brazil. aims to develop a range of blockchain tools in addition to asset tokenization and crypto investment management in the hands of Capital. Certainly at issue, Giorgio Medda, CEO of Azimut’s Resource Management and Fintech sector, explained to O’Globo that he is fully hopeful that blockchain technology is redefining the limits of the financial services industry. redefining what they know and with this capital Capital’s valuation has definitely reached €302 million (about $327 million) and that encourages it to reach more goals to become the Brazilian unicorn Or gets closer to the goal. Due to the suspension of withdrawals back in June 2022, the exchange announced that it was taking legal action against it unless the company partnered with the leading crypto exchange in Brazil.



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