BitGo Unveils Wrapped Dogecoin Token Built on Ethereum

Digital asset custody business and financial services provider Bitgo introduced a version of the asset Dogecoin built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. The DAO is through a partnership between the Dogecoin Foundation, Blue Paper, and MyDoge Wallet. There are an estimated 245,379 WBTC in circulation, worth approximately $5.2 billion using the exchange rates. According to Bitgo’s blog post, the company will also provide two types of custody services and a hot wallet for WDOGE.

Google Cloud is rolling out a Solana validator, the blockchain node engine, in support of the SOL chain next year.

Google Cloud announced that it would offer a product called the “Blockchain Node Engine” which would be the first Ethereum-backed blockchain, and the company revealed that it was running the Solana validator on November 5, 2022, making it a dedicated cloud for anyone. Launching a Solana node would be easy. It aims to make access to data easier for the Solana developer ecosystem.”

Businesses in Vietnam call for blockchain training for students and IT experts.

Members of the Vietnam blockchain sector have called on the government and educational institutions to pay more attention to the talent shortage as the shortage of qualified personnel is a global challenge, saying the country needs to address the training gaps. Blockchain Association According to Phan Duc Trung, Vice President of Vietnam, Vietnam will soon launch training centers and courses in universities and colleges for this technology industry.

Hydro-Québec wants to suspend power distribution to crypto miners to save capacity.

The company has asked the electricity and distribution regulator, Reggie de L’Energy, to stop providing services to crypto miners. The report emphasizes that “the demand for electricity in Quebec is expected to continue to grow. As part of this process, approximately 270 MW was to be devoted to cryptographic use in the short term, but that amount of capacity was allocated for this use.” Will put pressure on the current balance.


Top Crypto Prices: Bitcoin, Ethereum Trading Low, Polkadot Biggest Losers

The global crypto market cap declined by 1.46 percent to $1.04 trillion as of the previous day. The total crypto market volume declined by 0.17 percent to $69.99 billion in the last 24 hours. Bitcoin price traded around ₹17.99 lakh with a dominance of 38.83 percent, which is a 0.10 percent increase over the day.


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