Demand of Blockchain Tech for Students and IT professionals in Vietnam

The shortage of blockchain developers is not just a problem for Vietnam; it also affects nations like the United States, China, and India. According to business leaders who spoke to local media, Vietnam is now, for the first time, in the same position as these IT clusters and is equally understaffed.
According to Pham Van Huy, CEO of Moonlab, a business focused on blockchain and metaverse initiatives, ‘The scarcity of expertise is inevitable in both Vietnam and internationally’ He clarified as reported by the English-language daily Vietnam News.
He further elaborated that, “It is extremely difficult to recruit human resources specializing in this field as blockchain is still quite new and there are no training programs at universities, colleges, or even information technology centers in the country”
Huy said that training at all levels must be prioritized in order for Vietnam to become a centre for blockchain talent, both in terms of number and quality. Discussions regarding the technology should also be initiated with employees, students, company owners, and managers.
Huy demanded that the nation make an effort to recruit Vietnamese specialists who have studied or are employed overseas by offering them attractive career possibilities. The CEO stressed the value of initiatives for international collaboration as well.
The CEO of Moonlab thinks that in order for blockchain firms to be successful, they must set up courses and internships for undergraduate IT students in order to advance their knowledge and abilities in the field while also providing competitive wages for individuals who join them.
The vice chairman of the Vietnam Blockchain Association, Phan Duc Trung said that, “ Vietnam should soon establish training centers and courses in universities and colleges for this tech industry,”. While adding that “ the organization is currently working to prepare qualified experts that can contribute to blockchain research, testing and deployment”
Huy Nguyen, co-founder of Kardiachain also commented that, “It is the first time that Vietnam is in the same starting position with the whole world with a new technology,”. He is certain that if the nation can address the issue at its source, it will be able to fulfill market demands in the ensuing five to ten years and aid in wider adoption.


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