Cryptocurrency users have recently been complaining about the privacy policy operation, saying that the infrastructure in this privacy policy is used in the form of remote procedure calls via metadata blocks and IP addresses where data is collected. goes. News Decentralized exchange (DEX) platform Unisap recently followed up with its decision regarding data collection where the company’s software is collected by the operator of the dex platform to improve and enhance their experience for users on-chain .
The digital currency community and social media demographic known as CryptoTwitter speaks about the Privacy Policy as it applies to the infrastructure platform Infura and the Web3 wallet MetaMask.
According to this policy, if a user earns the benefits of Infura and RPC by using the meta mask, the user will collect a crypto address and ip-address. However, Infura is the default RPC provider for Metamask and other RPCs are also possible to use, but users can switch to other RPCs such as Tatum, Moralis, Alchemy and Quicknode if, for example, a user operates their own note.
“ConsenSys is deeply committed to maintaining the highest standards in terms of your privacy policy and collects every available data from you except for DNA samples and if you are not using custom RPC for MetaMask you should do so Must be done because it is necessary.
If the user switches the RPC call on MetaMask from Infura to another platform, his crypto address and IP address will not be collected. Consensys’ move follows Uniswap Labs’ clear explanation of a similar decision in a blog post titled “Uniswap Labs’ Commitment to Privacy.”
Uniswap’s decision was heavily criticized and Consensys’ privacy policy began calling out on 24 November. The MetaMask and Infura topics are becoming heavily criticized on social media and crypto-related forums. Bitcoin supporter and editor of, Tuur Demeester shared his two cents about this situation. Demeester tweeted, “Etherion teases price asking for its own note but only to realize there is no longer a choice.” “To wit: First centralized stakeholders began censoring transactions.” Done. Now MetaMask, the main [Ethereum] access provider, is recording IP and wallet addresses.”

MetaMask tweeted on November 24 that the privacy policy was updated the day before and that the language in the privacy policy was updated on November 23 via the official Twitter account of MetaMask Wallet, where nothing in the modus operandi Changed but this statement has been made which clarifies what users can do with the data but nothing to break.
The statement shared by MetaMask A post published by ConsenSys said the policy update does not reflect the consequences of more intrusive data collection and was not done in response to any changes or inquiries.


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