Fast Token, the official crypto of Fastex, will be launched to the public on January 18th

Developed and curated by Soft Contracts, a leading technology company, Fast Token is the official cryptocurrency of the Fastex ecosystem. Certainly the Fastex ecosystem includes products based on a variety of web3 projects, and also includes the Fast Token. Speaking of which, FAST Token is aggregated and integrated with other decentralized applications such as the Fastex cryptocurrency exchange platform, the Fastex Chain public Ethereum blockchain solution, the Fastex Pay cryptocurrency payment ecosystem, the FTNFT marketplace, and more.
Certainly aiming to connect over 40 million users and over 700 gaming partners through its network which has been chosen by Fastex to become one of the primary tokens in the web3 gang space. To be sure, later this month FAST Token will be eligible to be used in hundreds of games offered or offered by over 100 game developers and in addition the Fastex ecosystem guarantees or allows gaming enthusiasts to enter or exit secure web3 projects, with vetted partners, and easy on-off-ramping.
To be sure, Fastex is currently licensed in Lithuania where it was granted its Currency Exchange Offer Letter in virtual mode and registered as a Depository Virtual Currency Wallet Operator to strengthen the protection of retail investors. To ensure as well as to ensure that it has developed strong risk and compliance capabilities.
With Fast Token, users can actively participate in the emerging field of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency as well as apply these technologies to their daily lives. In other words, cryptocurrency can be bought, sold, and traded using various infrastructures under NFTs and investments. A public sale will start from January 18 and will last for 3 days. In the Initial Exchange Offering (IEO), tokens can be purchased by Fastex Exchange users and the token will cost 0.35 Euro. As long as there is a public sale, tokens purchased during that time are issued immediately. No more than 6% of FTN tokens will be sold during the sale. Independent and certified by Hexens and Certik, buyers are assured of valid certification and security. SoftConstruct a tech giant entering the world of crypto and NFTs and enlisted as a software developer in the web3 project, gaming, augmented reality, virtual reality and finance and e-commerce and supply chain management and IT sector and other Provides solutions in various fields as well as delivers a range of services to the users. It is an innovative global technology company founded in Armenia. Since 2003 the team has thought and strived to create the very best and sustainable ecosystem that perfectly matches products and projects and people and ideas and possibilities and brings them together and transcends all kinds of boundaries. works to improve upon the existing pattern and to make it the best. The company has grown to become a leading technology developer and provider with over 6,000 creative and experienced professionals working on its mission to develop innovative solutions and turn ideas into business stories. As a result of the company’s innovative DNA and its desire to grow industries, it has evolved into a forward-looking bond with a number of marketable independent trademarks and multinational branch offices. With a team of over 40 million users and over 1 million active partners, it is a part of the FTN Soft Construct network.
The Fastex NFT marketplace is of course powered by and operates within the Fastex ecosystem. With ftNFT Marketplace, Fastex Ecosystem intends to break out of the ordinary and break the ground by establishing the first ever NFT shop in the UAE. With the opening of the first ever physical NFT store at Dubai’s mega entertainment and retail destination Mall of the Emirates, Fastex and Softconstruct’s collaboration has moved beyond the virtual space and into reality. The stores offer much more than just simple retail shopping, offering a wide range of services throughout the shopping experience, from casual exhibitions to 3D scanners that create virtual reality avatars. Of course, through the ftNFT shop, everyone has the opportunity to sprout their own NFTs, which can be experienced visually or even by touch. The first marketplace of its kind in the MENA region, ftNFT attracts artists, enthusiasts and potential investors and allows them to buy and sell NFT, creating a new kind of excitement. You should definitely visit to learn more about the project’s website and follow the team on Twitter.


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