Members of the Federal Reserve are expected to announce a new 50 bps rate hike at Wednesday’s meeting after the Consumer Price Index report published on Tuesday and December’s rate hike of one point (75 bps) of the previous four quarters. which committee stated by the FOMC that the goal was to achieve employment and inflation at a rate of 2% growth over a long period of time decided to raise that range for the U.S. federal funds rate from 4-1/4 to 4-1/2 percent, and the Fed is projecting a 75 bps increase in the federal points rate over the course of next year . Where the news on Tuesday shows CBI data being less large than expected as inflation in November was already up 7.1% and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics noted that the core CPI was down 0.2% in the month. The full details of the report stated that the seasonally adjusted all-commodity index was definitely up 7.1% over the past 12 months, and that the Fed was on track for all outlooks and all points of interest, according to the report. Will be able to get the medal by monitoring the information of his financial source accordingly.
“Also, according to the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet released by the committee in May, if we talk about plans to reduce the size of Treasury securities and exchange agency debt written in, and of course agency mortgage-backed securities as their Holdings have to continue to be reduced and further the committee says it is looking forward to returning inflation from its target of 2 per cent to the public and after this rate hike banks indicate that more hikes will be made and this will A decline will also be recorded in the prices of equity market and precious metals.

Where acreage prices also fell and bitcoin price fell below $18000 after the fOOMC statement under which the SAD has announced many pregnants this year as well and with a jump of half a percentage point and a rise of three quarter points all things Under which we can say that there are a total of 5 federal funds rate increases in 2022.
At the end of November, during a speech at the Brookings Institution in Washington by Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, there was a definite indication that this rate of growth could go back to the same level in December, with a clear effect. And Powell has faced political pressure regarding rate hikes after seeing clear indications during the speech that Tesla’s Elon Musk has recently voiced his concern and caution against an overly aggressive hike In the afternoon, he told reporters that he had more work to do, adding that the upside to inflation risk was his first priority, and that he would have to overcome with whatever effective measures would be taken. All that will be done no matter what we have to do to remove inflation and increase love we are ready to do.
Certainly, Powell’s statement suggests that he may raise interest rates again to control inflation, which certainly can be done.


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