Former Cohasset High School Employee Accused of Stealing Thousands in Electricity to Mine Bitcoin in School Campus Crawlspace

A report published by Boston’s WCVB network alleges that Nadeem Nahas, a former school worker in Cohasset, Massachusetts, stole electricity from the district for not accepting cryptocurrency. Nahs has been proven to have set up the operation in the crawlspace of Cohasset High School, where all computer and ventilation devices and connected wiring were obtained, consistent with the policy. Through photographs obtained by the Cohasset Police Department, we learn that the mining equipment used appears to leak specific integrated circuits and is used to mine bitcoin. The police definitively accuse Nahas of mining cryptocurrency on the school’s premises for 8 months without informing anyone, and the city’s director of information technology obtains that the operation was a crypto mining operation. Investigators, Cohasset Police, and members of the Department of Homeland Security were involved in the matter and the miners have been removed from the crawlspace of the high school. The investigation lasted 3 months and investigators estimate that approximately $17,492 in electricity was stolen. Nahas is certainly one of the many individuals who have been proven over the years to be accused of stealing electricity and using it to mine cryptocurrency. For example, in 2021, a similar case was reported in Malaysia when 1720 bitcoin miners were seized during an electricity theft crackdown. Law enforcement officials in Malaysia revealed last year that over 600 people wer arrested over the past 2 years for stealing electricity for cryptocurrency mining, and in 2020 a kennel owner in China was also arrested for running a bitcoin mining farm. Was arrested for stealing electricity to run. In Rotterdam, Netherlands, two brothers were arrested in 2016 for stealing electricity to mine bitcoin and grow cannabis, and with that, WCVB reporter William Bennett If we go by the facts, Nahas will be tried on the charges of vandalism of the school and embezzlement of electricity resources and he is facing the same. Nahass on February 23, 2023Vinci is scheduled to appear in District Court for a hearing and the accused declined to comment on the case when contacted by phone by a former Cohasset school employee, according to Benetta.


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