While Web 3.0 is arriving all over the world and is working permanently, Jack Dorsey is thinking about Web 5.0. According to him, Web 5 technology should be entirely based on crypto and bitcoin. His aim and his advice is to make bitcoin a decentralized technology where we will own our content as we want and as we say instead of web3 technologies which are just centered around something decentralized like ethereum and bitcoin.
But the thing to note here is why we have to think about Web 5.0 from now and what is its need. Have we settled web3 in the first and best ways on earth and the whole world has accepted web3. Is web3 compatible with all results or does it strengthen all our needs and future technology or has the internet become faster or all cybercrime and content writers have established their supremacy. All these things matter highly about web3 because the possibilities of web3 are not yet proved and developers are testing many times before bringing web3, then why should we think about web 5. If we ask the answer, it’s only 10% of Americans who say it’s too early to think about Web 5 and technology hasn’t progressed enough to jump to conclusions too quickly. In response to this, give some of your arguments why web5 is not necessary.
The first answer is that web 2.0 is still considered the best option for social media streaming and many other platforms which provide good services and keep their best performance in this field. Still Web 2.0 is the biggest power and regulator of the Internet which is controlling it and working according to the demand of the users. We can say that Web 3 will have a tough time beating Web 2.0.
The second answer is that even now Google Facebook and YouTube SC multinational and multi-branded companies support web2 and consider it as an integral part of the Internet and whose annual turnover reaches trillions and it accepts its integral architecture in the service sector. If we do, then we must say about Web 3 right now that the metaverse and the gaming world and its safe consequences are yet to be seen and not everyone understands it. It may take a long time to come and stay. However, there is tremendous speed and momentum in the field of the metaverse and there are all the latest updates that are yet to be fully understood and practiced.
Another report shows that there is a shortage of experienced developers to teach the latest technologies of Web 3, as well as the education that is going to lead us to the services of Web 3.0 is also in high demand but experienced teachers are few. We can say that still some schools and some colleges are working on activities like programming language and machine learning and schools and colleges are giving importance only to basic fundamentals like theory and some computer formulas and practicals. In that sense, the services of Web 3.0 are still far away as both teachers and experienced developers are few and few to teach the programs featured under it such as blockchain technology, digital payment encryption and activities like crypto mining and hacking. They don’t have any experience at all because it is completely new to them. All the services of web3 are still time consuming because we lack both resources and an experienced team to design softwares that works according to new technology and user interaction.
Another complex problem is that most of the developers who are familiar with the latest technology and updates and are well aware of web3 services are working for web2 based services on thick packages and salaries. While any such provision is not there for the trouble of web3 as all experienced talent is attracted from web2 industry.
We have to understand here that if we want to bring Web 3.0 to progress, then we have to develop talents and create such projects ourselves, this will give strong support to Web 3.0 and here all possible mistakes, errors, bugs and Successfully met other features.
A study has also revealed that more than 46000 people have reported serious crypto scams where they fall victim to this scamming and lose their capital which in turn creates a feeling of frustration and inconvenience, insecurity in the minds of other investors as well. The feeling arises, because as long as people remain uneducated and keep earning their money, the technology of web3 will not come into existence nor will anyone be aware of it.
So we need to create an ecosystem that tries to take web 3.0 to a new level and people can understand the importance of cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and its far-reaching consequences. Only then can we say that when a person becomes the charioteer of Web 3.0 and understands its importance, then we can think of Web 5.0 as well. just in time, will be able to take people from Web 2.0 to 3.0 and 3.0 to 5.0.


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