Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary, Versus Mr. Wonderful, and billionaire hedge fund manager Bill Ackman were reprimanded Friday for saying they believed they were telling the truth during SBF interviews.
where DealBook Summit was published on Wednesday and took down crypto exchange FTX, causing an estimated 1,000,000 customers and investors to lose billions of dollars in the exchange meltdown. Huge loss happened and investors money got drowned and loss definitely happened and also due to infighting and other reasons we can say that FTX definitely caused loss to the investors.
Bankman-Fried said in the interview that she intentionally did not mix any funds and also blamed Alameda Research for not running Alameda Research and not knowing what was going on. When the majority of the crypto community does not believe the SBF story and at least 2 prominent people speak in the interest and favor of the former CEO where: “Ackman CEO and portfolio manager of Pershing Square Capital Management tweets after the interview Call me crazy but I think the former FTX CEO is telling the truth.
O’Leary quickly agreed, tweeting that he has lost millions as an investor and has built himself up as a forceful speaker for creative change. However, he insisted that after listening to the interview, he agreed about the child. While some call him a dumbass idiot and a scammer where one has written that he is a bit confused as to why people’s view of SBF is such that a really smart guy is screwed. She is almost 31 years old which means she is a grown man and not a 23 year old fresh person to take a trading holiday where the story around this story really shouldn’t be and it means something else.
I think if he’s a public spokesperson and he expects the leader to get off even without criminal charges and the possibility that criminal charges are brought against him just look at the incentive he wants to say.
A third person said that he now thinks and understands and all the statements are a form of legal protection and the interview is very thoughtfully designed and not a failure in comparison to the large scale fraud that an apparent spokesperson is anticipating. became. Another described him as a fraudster and a guilty man in exchange manipulations of millions. He said that in fact the former CEO is not the right person in any sense.
After the collapse of FTX, O’Leary states that if he conducts another study, he will again consider s.b.f. And considering he is one of the best traders out there and if he did he had already raised about 8 billion dollars before the FTX collapse.
Although all these opinions are different and everyone has different opinion about SBF and we can analyze by seeing that everyone has different opinion about former FTX CEO.


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