Host of CNBC’s Mad Money Show, Jim Cramer advises investors to avoid crypto currency after crypto exchange collapse and says people should stay away from crypto where he founded a financial news and literacy website and said on Monday that you can’t just beat yourself up and say it’s too late because the fact is it’s never too late to sell a bad situation and you allegedly have these assets it means that you have this asset or assets and also made money itself invests in tokens like nft bitcoin and ether and also it has given all its crypto holdings last year which means it wants to tell that it has already sent my bitcoin and it was used to buy a nice farm and his intention is to invest in another place where he said that for a certain income I sold digital assets like crypto and of course a Worked for fixed income and he helps people with crypto and other Asks to avoid investing in speculation and says that with the Federal Reserve preparing to tighten the economy, investors should not be fooled by the increasing market capitalization of some coins, that is, investors should invest in other cryptocurrencies. Due to the increasing popularity one should avoid investing in them which is totally wrong and they can fall to zero and fade away any time while they say stablecoin tether still with $65 billion market cap is in. And plus there’s still the bitcoin poster industry trying to keep all this stuff up in the air where what happened to bad stocks is never a good thing and of course we can see what Companies fall prey to collapse, they directly show loss to investors. an hour ago
Mad Money’s Jim Cramer advised investors to stay out of crypto currency and said that it is never too late to sell – this means that it is never too late to sell bitcoin. One can definitely get a good return but he stresses that it is never too late to get out of a dire situation and definitely advises investors to save their cryptocurrencies and says that the way one crypto exchange collapsed there may be others like that and surely crypto exchange going down trading platform is never the last we should know where they have given sentence to sell all their holdings and said that their Try to make good investments. He probably thinks that surely we can see that the former CEO SBF is a liar and dishonest person who did it with deceit and cheated the people while he can say that surely by going against the law All these things were done and dishonesty was done with the people only by going against the law, its effect is seen by all of us and surely we can see that its effect is very dire situation where everyone is on each other. Trying to blame but no one is ready to admit any wrongdoing which is downright wrong and put together we could definitely see us Mad Money’s Jim Cramer telling investors to get out of crypto Advised – As the saying goes ‘it’s never too late to sell a terrible position’.

Mad Money host Jim Cramer has advised investors to sell their cryptocurrencies, stressing that “it’s never too late to sell a terrible position.”

Where SBF was called a liar and an idiot by Kramer last week and it was said that saying sorry doesn’t mean anything when you make mistakes and admit your mistakes there you go Of course, you are considered an innocent person, but this does not reduce your lies and your own mistakes. where intention has no meaning and it is definitely wrong that you adulterate speak in that adulteration was done by mistake by you that’s why they consider sbf to be very marriage and dishonest minded man where as downfall of FTX Certainly the investors had lost billions, this loss has not yet been recovered and the action has not been cleared yet and all the agencies are working only on the basis of facts which is completely wrong. .
Definitely not a good thing for the investors these kind of incidents are happening again so surely we should give up. Where we do not have any definite record and we do not have any official information, we get caught in this mess and start working against the law which is totally wrong. That is why he is definitely advising people to avoid crypto and secure their investments.


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