Meta calls 2023 the ‘year of efficiency’ as its Metaverse division anticipates more losses

Meta, a social company, reported its positive results for the fourth quarter of 2022 and explained the company’s direction through 2023, certainly raising its revenue expectations. The company reported revenue of $32.17 billion, which appears to exceed the projected revenue of $31.53 billion, and investors have high hopes of a future recovery for the company. Meta company which has a digital representation in the real world is definitely a latest technology distance for business and is trying to refocus after huge loss brought by R&D in this technology and Meta CEO Mark definitely But he wants his company to do well with God and he says that the management theme of 2023 will definitely be “The Year of Efficiency”. Mark Zuckerberg further stated that he is committed to making further organizational efforts to improve the company’s structure as part of this new focus and to accomplish this by removing some layers of middle management. Will take the help of artificial intelligence to remove as well as provide more productivity to engineers. Also explain that going forward it will be more aggressive to criticize poorly performing or unimportant projects. While Reality Labs, a division of the company that is projected to lose nearly $14 billion through 2022, still considers it a long-term holding, it has cited its artificial intelligence as a major focus of the company, as well as It has said that it aims to add operating leverage to better monetize its Reels short video product. Mark Zuckerberg further says that our road map Clearly poised for a long period of time fueled by artificial intelligence and the latest technology, and Meta CFO Susan Lee clarifies that Reality Labs is expected to make more money from operations and that this is due to the great opportunities the company has created or will bring. Reason is appropriate. He explained that it’s still expecting full-year Reality Labs losses to widen in 2023 and wants Amit to invest meaningfully in the sector given the long-term opportunities it has in a significant way. And keep making those investments. In September, the company announced a series of adjustments to reduce its operating expenses, including laying off 11,000 employees, most of whom make up 13% of the company. Certainly Mark Zuckerberg plans to take the company forward through AI and latest technologies.


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