MUFG, the largest financial organisation in Japan, is moving to enter the metaverse. The business announced a cooperation with ANA Holdings, a group of firms specialising in air travel and transportation services, on November 7 in order to participate in ANA’s planned digital platform. The platform is anticipated to launch with a 38 million user base, which corresponds to the company’s mileage members.
In 2023, the ANA Granwhale metaverse platform is expected to be operational. Customers of the business will be able to engage with various shops and stands in the virtual environment while moving about the 3D globe with their avatars. Insurance companies MUFG, ANA, and Sompo Japan will investigate the viability of carrying out their unique business operations in the metaverse while analysing applicable laws and rules.
The users of this metaverse platform will be able to access MUFG’s financial services. Sompo Japan anticipates being able to offer insurance against any losses resulting from transactions conducted in the metaverse.
Some of these businesses enter these metaverse environments with the straightforward goal of attracting audiences that would be challenging to reach otherwise. With this approach, MUFG hopes to attract youthful customers, a group that has been challenging for such institutions to attract.
The La Liga, Spain’s top soccer league, is also making an appearance in the metaverse in an effort to attract younger people to its events.
In order to comply with laws and regulations in a virtual environment where avatars are not connected to the identities of their users, these businesses will also need to adapt their business models to the metaverse and incorporate KYC verifications and other procedures.
Asian banks are starting to enter virtual worlds as well. One of the biggest banks in Southeast Asia, DBS, declared in September that as part of its metaverse drive, it will be purchasing land in Decentraland.
The hype of Metaverse is on the peak, and this will surely generation’s new future where numerous technologies even smartphone will replace by Metaverse.


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