South African retailer accepting payment via BTC at all its stores Choose and pay now

Pick n Pay, the option that South African retailers have, now reportedly accepts bitcoin for payment at all stores across the country. Customers can now buy things like groceries, airtime and electricity tokens using the bitcoin Lending network.


Bitcoin, Ethereum Technical Analysis: ETH Holds Close to $1,700 to Start the Weekend

Ethereum continued to trade on Saturday near a key resistance level of $1,700, ahead of Friday’s US non-farm payrolls (NFP) report. Yesterday’s report showed that the US economy added 517,000 jobs in January, well above the limit and expectation of 185,000. However, bitcoin mostly consolidated as traders moved to take recent gains

Binance says Indian exchange Wazirx can no longer use its wallet services

It has been announced by Binance that the Indian exchange Wazirx will no longer use or be able to use the services of Binance Wallet and Zanmai, the operator of Wazirx, has until February 3 to withdraw funds from the accounts immediately. which they used to operate the platform. This step was taken after a public dispute regarding the relationship between Binance and Wazirx and the exchange has explained that we are terminating all services that are associated with the Indian exchange as well as the assets of Wazirx users, False and misleading information was publicly misrepresented to Binance as having control over user activity and the operation of the platform.

Meta calls 2023 the ‘year of efficiency’ as its Metaverse division anticipates more losses

Meta, the company owner of Facebook and Instagram and WhatsApp, has shared its fourth quarter numbers which are better than expected and are reporting better position. The company beat revenue estimates, and CEO Mark Zuckerberg declared 2023 to be the “year of efficiency”, hinting at reshaping the company for the long term with the help of its artificial intelligence technology, specifically the Metaverse. Focused on projects.

Samsung is building its own metaverse hardware in partnership with Google and Qualcomm

Samsung, a Korean electronics company, reveals that it is planning to launch a virtual reality headset in the coming future and is also committed to building its own metaverse and augmented reality devices, hinting at its potential. According to TM Roh, head of Samsung Company’s Experience and Business, this device is being told in partnership with Google and Qualcomm.

Kazakhstan launches consultation on proposals to reform trading

Financial authorities in Kazakhstan are publicly launching a consultation system to develop an infrastructure in the country for digital assets trading, and propose measures to reduce market risk for cryptocurrencies and improve the structure of exchange platforms.

Binance Returns To Korean Crypto Market – Troubled Exchange Invests In GoPax

Leading crypto exchange Binance is back on the South Korean market after 2 years with a meaningful investment in a locally licensed crypto exchange. GoPax ran into trouble following the November collapse of crypto exchange FTX and the bankruptcy filing of crypto loan lender Genesis Global. The exchange then goes on to explain that as part of the transaction, Binance will attempt to fully secure any potentially settled user withdrawal requests against all deposits, including love, and for the same purpose, will use GoPax. Will inject capital.

Uzbekistan raised over $300,000 from the crypto sector

The operation of digital assets is not taxed in Uzbekistan and the government is receiving an increasing amount of revenue from the industry. The increase in budget receipts has been attributed to the introduction of a licensing regime and fees for crypto companies. While digital asset operations are not taxed in Uzbekistan, the government is receiving an increasing amount of revenue from the industry.

Experts Predict Future Regulation Of Crypto Exchanges By 2025, With Opinion Divided On Similarity To Traditional Finance

The product comparison website polled 56 experts in the fintech and cryptocurrency industries to consider regulation the future of crypto exchanges and what experts believe virtual currency trading platforms will do after reports on bitcoin wallet Ethereum yum prediction. Will be regulated but not until 2025 or 2030.

Sberbank ready to launch decentralized finance platform based on Ethereum

Russia’s largest financial institution, Sberbank, is preparing and setting up a platform to launch a decentralized finance-like platform in May, according to a report. Konstantin Klimenko, product director of Sber Bank’s lab, says that open testing will be launched in March.

Biggest Movers: SHIB, DOT Held Near 3-Month Highs Despite Falling Crypto Markets

Shiba Inu was one of the biggest gainers on Friday as meme coin remained close to recent 3-month highs and the token remained green for most of today’s session despite the global cryptocurrency market cap falling 1.28% at the time of writing. Additionally, Polkadot was also showing higher numbers as it continued to trade above its key price range.

Rising Gas Fees of the Ethereum Network in 2023: A Balancing Act of Growth and Cost

Talking about the last two weeks, Ethereum gas fees have registered an increase of 13.71% and on February 3, 2023, the average fee has increased from $4.52 per transaction to $5.14 per transfer. Speaking of which, despite seeing a remarkable realization of this price increase in Ethereum, the network fees have seen a significant increase and we can say that this increase remains the same. As Ethereum’s capacity grows or the demand for its capacity grows, it remains to be seen whether these rising fees will ultimately hinder its growth.

Bitcoin, Ethereum Technical Analysis: BTC Downside from Recent Highs, Ahead of US Non-Farm Payrolls

Bitcoin retreated from its 6-month high on February 3rd and now re-enters the market ahead of today’s US Non-Farm Payrolls (NFP) report and on Thursday took the price from the $24000 level. We can say that the price tends to move higher as traders prepare for the main report which is expected to come around 185000. ‌ Ethereum also appears in the red and in that process it gives up its 5-month top.


Addressable Raises $7.5M To Help Web3 Marketers Reach Their Audience

Addressable, a decentralized marketplace startup, has raised $7.5M in its Seed round to address and eliminate the current marketing crisis in the web3 projects space. The company claims that its software can link users’ on-chain posts with their social accounts, allowing web3 trades to gain more insight from their audience, creating the best advertising campaigns in the crypto space. CEO Tomar competes with other Web3 CRM startups including Blaze, Cookie3, Kazum, and Absolute Labs, which focus primarily on analytics based on the company’s existing users and customer reactivation by engagement.

Charlie Munger Urges US Government To Ban Crypto Like China

Vice Chey of Berkshire Hathaway, called Warren Buffett’s right hand Raman Charlie Munger has strongly urged that the US government implement a ban on cryptocurrencies like China and completely ban them. They say that crypto currency is not a currency, not a commodity and not even a security as instead it is a gamble with an edge of almost 100%. He stresses that this is recorded in a country where juggernaut contracts have traditionally been regulated only by states that compete loosely.

eBay expands into NFT and Web3 space with new job opportunities

eBay, a well-known online marketplace giant, is seeking to fill positions in web3 and NFT technology, according to multiple LinkedIn posts. ‌ It is looking for the best and brightest “creative crypto attorney” for the marketplace and it has acquired Nonorigin, which it acquired in June 2022.

Bitcoin Records Largest Block Ever Mined, 4MB Block Containing NFTs Causes Disquiet Among Small-Block Supporters

Amidst the debate surrounding the Ordinals project and how data should be stored on the bitcoin , the network mined its largest block, which was about 4MB in size and contained about 63 transactions. ‌ One of the transactions was a 3.94 MB simple inscription containing an image of a wizard, and the non-fungible token (NFT) issued by bitcoin has generated significant buzz.


Hackers To Steal $3.8 Billion From Crypto Firms In 2022, Says Chainalysis

According to analytics firm Chainalysis, 2022 was “the biggest year ever for crypto hacking”, with $3.8 billion stolen from cryptocurrency traders and decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol hacks during that year, according to the firm. Took 82.1% of all stolen crypto currency. 2022 was the biggest year ever for crypto hacking with $3.8 billion stolen from businesses and businesses. In 2022 he broke his own record for theft and stole an estimated $1.7 billion worth of cryptocurrency in a series of hacks that we have attributed to him.


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