Price: Only one of the top-10 declines, BitCoin rises

There is a good boom in the market today, except for the top ten cryptocurrencies by market cap, all are in the green zone! BNB is at the highest price while Dogecoin is down. Bitcoin is seeing a rise of 1.26 percent. Talking about the entire market cap and the price of the entire cryptocurrency, it has crossed one lakh crore with a gain of 1.64.

Tim Draper Extends BTC Price Prediction 6 Months – ‘By mid-2023, he expects bitcoin to reach $250K’

Noted industrialist and DFJ founder Tim Draper is confident about his bitcoin prediction that the crypto asset will tap $250K per unit by 2023. A few years ago he was asked about the price of bitcoin in the coming 4 years. He also pointed out that it is not easy to spend bitcoins on things like food clothes but retail spending can be done through bitcoins. He also supported major companies like Tesla, SpaceX.

Formula One Team Haas F1 to Mint with Branded NFT OpenC

The US licensed F1 team has announced a collaboration with NFT marketplace OpenC. The NFT symbol will be drawn on Haas as a compromise while the OpenC logo will appear on its cars. F1 Formula Team The collaboration was announced by Haas, the only team to compete in the US-owned Formula One World Championship.

New York Fed Completes Phase I of Digital Dollar Experiment Called ‘Project Cedar’

published findings using Project Cedar, a protocol that uses bulk digital dollars to streamline financial transactions. Michelle Neal said settlement can happen in less than 10 seconds on average. While “a digital dollar will take at least a few years” according to current Fed Chairman Jerome Powell, Neil recognizes that “CBDCs can promote financial inclusion and equity by enabling access to a broader group and fostering economic growth.” can promote.”

Biggest movers: MATIC at 6-month high, ATOM up 10%

Token prices hit a new high following Friday’s surge. Overall, the cryptocurrency global market cap is now up 2.64%. Polygon was trading higher in the second session and gained 20%. After Thursday’s low of $0.9267, MATIC/USD climbed to an intraday peak of $1.15 earlier today. Atom reached a high of $14.97 earlier in today’s session, which comes a day after the low of $13.44.

Fidelity Investments Launching Commission-Free Retail Crypto Trading for Bitcoin and Ether

Fidelity Investments, one of the world’s largest brokerage forms with $9.9 trillion in assets, is launching Fidelity Crypto, which aims to allow retail investors the convenience of trading bitcoin and ether commission-free. In the Fidelity Investment app we can buy and sell bitcoin and ethereum. The company activated the link for Early Access on Thursday but did not specify the launch date. Fidelity said it puts the customer experience first in providing them with support in crypto trading, research and technology.


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