Nigerian crypto exchange Quidax cuts 20% of its workforce and expects good work and believes that in the coming time, it will create more employment, which will develop people’s employment and more and more people will be able to stay connected with the company.

Quidax, a Nigerian cryptocurrency exchange, has claimed that the coming global economic downturn will force 20% of exceptionally talented people to give up.
Before the global economic downturn, Quidax, which hosted Nigeria’s biggest reality television show, Big Brother Naija, had much better prospects. Also, according to recent reports, the crypto exchange has projected several development and action plans. Made what was possible at this time.
However, the crypto exchange reportedly said that a slowdown in regions such as China and the United States will mean that growth projections will go down, indicating a lot of worry in these countries when deciding on layoffs and While explaining that decision, Quidax reportedly said that after the economic slowdown in the world, we have to take some tough decisions which are in our interest. He further said that of course we had to give this decision against our employees and have to give them a financial blow but we are forced to give lectures because of our economy. He said that we have had to say goodbye to 20% of our exceptionally talented people because it is a very difficult task because we give a lot of importance to our people where it was not at all easy to decide that after the economic recession around the world, we have to do so. have to do it. He further added that apart from giving their packages to the affected employees, they will have to connect them with founders of the company and the importance and fintech space. He further adds that at the same time a report was presented of the crypto currency exchange stating that it was not going anywhere and would be back soon and that the exchange had assured its customers that their funds would not only are safe but under insurance and completely safe. Where we can know that various tactics are being adopted by the companies to recover from the huge impact of the economic recession where another Nigerian crypto exchange Quidax has laid off many of its employees and started the process of 20% layoff. It has been told that the company is sure that the conditions will be good in the coming time and they will work to provide self employment. Where the company has to make this decision very carefully because every industry is facing the effect of global economic recession and its adverse environment and only this option is left with the companies which was also used by Quidax. And certainly this process of layoffs seems to have a positive effect on the company. One statement that has been given is that FTX’s problem has nothing to do with this whole matter where we can understand that it is the company’s own decision.


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