SBF, the former CEO of doomed crypto exchange FTX, said on Saturday that he has started making plans to pay back investors and customers money and start a new business of his own to make a new dawn. which by his estimation will definitely prove to be good for him and through this he will be able to repay the money of all the investors and customers and users who have lost their money at this time due to the failure of this industry where he says that he He is capable of doing it and he can do it and if he can, he is definitely going to try. She also said that I think about how we can help the world and if users haven’t achieved much she thinks she can get them and she thinks that recently market crash and the industries it has hurt that at least for FTX users it is their duty to try and do as much good as they can and handle things and prevent them from sinking where they say that where 1000000 customers and investors have been affected because of my company and they have been sidelined and their investments have been stolen and used for their own benefit and of course it is their duty to do as much as they can do something right and guide people properly based on their duty and insisted that he did not knowingly hoard customer funds nor did he commit any kind of fraud and the news reported that he was not admits that any fraud has been committed by him and that Doesn’t want anything to happen that people blame him for and leave him with a flaw. He wants that he certainly wasn’t nearly as capable as he thought I was.
where sbfc just asked if he is ready to go to jail he replied that there is some time in night but yes when he wakes up in day he tries to do as much as he can and as much as he can can provide good services he can provide more services and of course he can ignore the things that are out of his control and be known as a producer and at least one person said that if he has any has an enterprise of
Will support SBF again. Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary aka Mr. Wonderful believes that he is one of the best businessmen who has enough dexterity and understanding of things and will definitely do well in any field and he is worry free. that they did not commit any willful fraud where O’Leary was paid $15 million by FTX. The Shark Tank star also raised nearly $8 billion to save FTX before it collapsed. Where on Monday, the Attorney General’s Office and the Legal Ministry announced that Bankman-Fried had been arrested at the Royal Palace of the Bahamas after the US filed criminal charges against him and indicted him


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