Shiba Inu (SHIB), the popular meme coin, is branching out beyond its token with the ambitious development of a new “Layer-3” blockchain and a utility token called TREAT. This move has attracted significant investment, with crypto venture capitalists (VCs) pouring $12 million into the project.

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Shiba Inu Eyes a Bigger Ecosystem:

While SHIB has garnered significant attention, the new Layer-3 blockchain signifies Shiba Inu’s aspirations to build a more comprehensive ecosystem. Layer-3 solutions address scalability and security limitations often encountered in Layer-1 (base) blockchains like Ethereum, on which SHIB currently operates.

TREAT Token Fuels the Ecosystem:

The TREAT token will serve a dual purpose within the Shiba Inu ecosystem. It will function as a utility token, potentially granting holders benefits like voting rights and discounts. Additionally, it will act as a governance token, allowing holders to participate in decision-making processes related to the new blockchain.

VCs Back Shiba Inu’s Vision:

The $12 million investment round attracted participation from well-respected crypto VCs like Polygon Ventures, Mechanism Capital, and Animoca Brands. This backing from established industry players lends credibility to Shiba Inu’s Layer-3 ambitions.

Unanswered Questions and the Road Ahead:

Several key details remain unanswered. The technical specifications of the Layer-3 blockchain and the specific functionalities of the TREAT token have yet to be revealed. Additionally, the project’s roadmap and timeline for development and rollout are unclear.

A Bold Move, But Challenges Remain:

Shiba Inu’s foray into Layer-3 blockchain development is a bold move. However, the project faces significant challenges. Successfully building and implementing a new blockchain is no easy feat, and competition in the Layer-3 space is fierce.

Will Shiba Inu Deliver?

The success of Shiba Inu’s Layer-3 blockchain and TREAT token will depend on several factors. The team must address technical hurdles, clearly define the token’s utility and governance functions, and build a strong developer community. Only time will tell if Shiba Inu can translate its meme coin popularity into a thriving blockchain ecosystem.




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