Experts and users were recently encouraged by the United Kingdom Law Commission to participate in a 10-week exercise aimed at helping the commission understand how the decentralized autonomous organization’s processes and working methods work. does and the manner in which its actions are implemented. Blockchain experts say the commission shows that the UK and others are taking the lead on the way legislation is needed and the ability to think and understand and develop. Questions have been raised over ambiguities in the formation of the DAO, as well as the legal status and onerous rules applicable to participating liabilities, so the Commission states that it has been asked by the UK Government to examine and examine all issues . Commenting on the Commission seeking expert opinion in this regard, Sarah Green, Law Commissioner for Common Law, says that the DAO directly provides litigants with a number of benefits from the market and encourages a spirit of co-operation and a level playing field. And by reducing the scope of human error, it attracts them towards maximum transparency. The lack of clarity on the conditions of those laws and regulations would achieve a goal of describing and expressing consensus on the constituent elements of the DAO and promoting its development to the law of Wales in England.
Responding to the Law Commission’s call, Alex Sims, an Associate Professor at the University of Auckland, said that such an encouragement demonstrates the importance and recognition of the organization and not only the world of Web3, but all of the organisation’s operations. And this will also apply to methodology. He is a blockchain researcher and a systems theorist who cited the Law Commission as a recent example that shows the UK’s law and other institutions are developing and needing to think and develop their methods. Because we are moving in the digital age.
Potentially everyone is concerned about legal liability because he or she is trying to hack the legal system or preparing for changes to the existing state by adjusting the legislature. According to him this is not an ideal but on the contrary we need a new law.
He added that it does not make sense for DAOs to have a single legal structure and insists that it has been the norm for different organizations to have other legal structures.


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