Freedom of speech online is under attack in the U.S. and around the world.

A new cryptocurrency project is fighting back.

SPEECH is a soon-to-be-launched charity token that will donate 3% of all transaction fees to organizations fighting for free speech rights. The BEP20 token, created by FreeSpeech. Finance, will be deployed on Binance Smart Chain and initially list on Pancakeswap.

The blockchain project was developed by Mark Grabowski, a U.S. professor who’s published textbooks on cyber law and cryptocurrencies. He’s a strong advocate for freedom of speech having worked as a journalist and First Amendment lawyer prior to academia.

“With big tech and governments increasingly censoring internet users’ expression worldwide, fighting for our fundamental right to free speech has never been more important. And what better way to support that effort than through cryptocurrency, which was designed to be censorship-resistant,” Grabowski explained.

SPEECH follows in the footsteps of cryptocurrency meme tokens such as Sad Cat Token (SCAT) and Kong DeFi (KONG), which donate transaction fees to helping animals in need.

“Other charity tokens have had much success generating donations for good causes,” Grabowski noted. “Given that our cause involves something important to many in the cryptocurrency community and offers great incentives to holders, we hope the word will spread and support will grow. We believe this project exemplifies the vision of the early cypherpunks, including Satoshi Nakamoto.”


In addition to helping free speech groups, SPEECH provides incentives to investors. The token is deflationary, with 1% burned on every transaction, and it rewards holders and liquidity providers with 1% of every transaction. The token will be available for purchase in mid-May and have a fair launch, meaning there will be no ICO or presales.

For more information, visit FreeSpeech.Finance.

Video: FreeSpeech Video


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