US senator’s resolution encourages Capitol gift shops to accept cryptocurrency

It was announced on Thursday by US Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) that he has reintroduced Adopting Cryptocurrency Transactions as Payments in Congress and Cruz first introduced the resolution in November 2021. . The senator from Texas said that cryptocurrencies are definitely a business that is creating jobs and at the same time encouraging entrepreneurs to invent new values and create new hedges against inflation. and it is increasingly being used as a secure form of payment for goods and services and for this we can definitely say that currency has changed the lives of people. I’ve added the latest prices which definitely gave people a chance to explore. He further added that this is precisely why we, here in the United States of America, should create accessibility to the capital and accordingly provide support for the growing cryptocurrency industry that makes the trip to the capital. The senator explained that his bill would require the Architect of the Capitol, the Secretary of the Senate and the Chief Administrative Officer of the House of Representatives to accept cryptocurrencies as payment for Capitol gift shops. They must also work to “require contracts with vendors that accept cryptocurrency as payment for food service and at vending machines inside the Capitol Complex,” the senator added. One of the advantages of using cryptocurrency as payment in the capital is that it will be provided to foreign tourists without the need to pay unnecessary and often costly currency fees to our nation’s capital every 1 year. Offer choices in a safe and meaningful way and be willing to provide choices. Certainly the MP has been a long time supporter of bitcoin and as a result he has continued his bullish trend as to bitcoin and at the time he said I have a weekly buy which is an automatic every week of bitcoin There is a purchase and I pass it on in the dollar cost averaging trust. The senator published a bill in April to block the Federal Reserve from developing code direct-to-consumer central bank digital currencies that were or could be used by the government as a financial surveillance tool, such as is at present..


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