On Tuesday, Open Sea, the world’s largest NFT market by NFT sales volume, announced that it will support and support BNB blockchain-based NFTs on its market platform. Where open sea users with BNB blockchain supporters will be able to buy and sell and listing BNB NFT assets and new opportunities for advancement will be provided. By leaving BNB as a support system through Open sea, there will be a lot of benefit and users will get more and more information and get involved in other activities.
This week, Opensea passed $33 billion in sales and on November 29, 2022, when Open Sea revealed that the BNB blockchain will now be supported or supported by the market, it will allow users to purchase NFTs in the following ways: This was really a great survey job for the users and a big deal.
Opensea already widely supports Ethereum, Solana, Klayton, Arbitrum, Optimism, Avalanche and Polygon networks, and Tuesday’s announcement suggests BNB selection will launch on Opensea’s Seaport protocol in the fourth quarter of 2022, bringing many more Creators will be able to do out real time investment, real time collection, real time collection management and many more multiplexes and will be able to provide benefits to other creators and connect them with themselves.
Jeremy Fine, Head of Business and Corporate Development at Opensea, explained on Tuesday that Opensea is at the very best to add more blockchain diversity to users of the NFT marketplace, which will provide a host of other benefits to improve the experience. . Where the executive says that all these updates will come very important for the users and the services they like and really through all these important updates users will get a chance to enjoy the best and unlimited services.
BNB has a significant number of daily users compared to most smart contract enabled blockchains, with data from Cryptoslam.io showing that NFT sales were the 6th largest in 7 days. Where at the time of writing BNB based NFT sales increased 26.71% week over week compared to the last 7 days, to $826,408. Where as during the last month the data shows that the sales of BNB based NFTs amounted to approximately $4.9 billion in 180,720 transactions. Really from such partnership we can know that best income will be created in NFT marketplace and all users will get chance to create listing and creativity which is a very commendable work. We can know how important NFT listing is where creators focus their full attention at one place and in return they get royalties and loyal customers which are applicable to buy their creative arts. Open sea’s figures show that its sales and its visitors are indeed very high, which should be of a successful company, and if it merges with itself or provides services, then both of them are directly infinite. There can be benefits and we can say that NFTs will be supported on the market platform and creative arts will be created by it.


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