Zhang Lin explains LBank Labs’ investment strategy in Web3

Under the leadership of investor Chang Lin, LBank Labs is investing 100 million to promote the Web3 industry and is entering this market, and in a recent interview, the strategist explained and clarified his strategy. Formally, he said that our aim is to advance the services of web3 through the best medium and to give a definite direction to those services through that best medium and we have a strong aim to expand them. We wish that whatever difficulties we have set in the past years can now be accounted for and at the same time we are fully progressive to move forward in this field with the second spirit and with the best enthusiasm and for that Support whatever tactics are being adopted. Further, he says that being an entrepreneur, he would like to never be left behind in the field of technology and through this investment, he should find a new way for himself and with this he will be important in increasing his company and his startup. Play a role Certainly their goal is to expand the crypto currency and blockchain plan to a great extent so that automated process and automatically web3 services will also be developed and we can say that after the development of web3 services definitely Generally this will be like a big advantage for the company. In his final words, he says that we will definitely work for this and prepare our company for this and face each and every challenge and achieve our goal of reaching a new level. In the coming time, the company will have to face any problem related to this and our target is to move forward through the best means.


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