60 organizations launch campaign urging US Congress to protect privacy

A new campaign launched by 60 organizations bears a slogan called “Tell Congress to Protect Privacy”. The group is calling on the legislature of the United States federal government to stand up for privacy, both online and offline. Supporting organizations include Fight for the Future, Blockchain Association, Proton, The Tor Project, Mobilcoin, Protocol Labs, Filecoin Foundation, Electric Coin Company, DeFi Education Fund, and Tutanota. The campaign coincides with or follows Fight for the Future’s open letter to Congress in which they stated that privacy is a fundamental element that is essential to human existence. The paper details that protecting the privacy of everyday people and their self-determination is critical to cementing freedom of the press and other rights that constitute the entire fabric of democracy and its value system. It is further said to appreciate or consider interest in federal data privacy legislation to strengthen such rights. Whatever technology and software tools they create are necessary to preserve users’ privacy by design. Such tools help users avoid discrimination and intimidation and abuse from authoritarian regimes and all kinds of other problems and disadvantages. The campaign’s website allows individuals to reach out to Congress and voice their support for privacy and the technologies that enhance it, and to contact Congress so that it is better able to protect our rights and Along with this, the situation can be clarified on matters of confidentiality. The site publishes a complete list of organizations involved in the campaign. The mission of our product is to build and advance free and open source anonymity and privacy technology, and to promote the rapid creation of human rights defense protocols, said a statement by Isabella Fernandes, executive director of the Tor Project. We are signing off on these efforts because we believe that privacy of all kinds, especially elected representatives, should be protected. “Electric Coin Company has joined this global call for US lawmakers to step up to protect privacy,” said Paul Brigner, Head of US Policy and Political Advocacy at Electric Coin Company. Electric Coin Company is the company and developers behind the privacy-centric project Zcash. If we may, urge lawmakers to take a more robust stand in favor of privacy policies that include end-to-end encryption as well as resist any efforts to hinder the development or use of privacy protection tools We are looking forward to building a truly democratic and free society to accept and protect the privacy of all individuals.


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