Tesla CEO and Twitter owner Elon Musk has made such a comment, on the basis of which we can say that it is possible that the price of Bitcoin and Doge will skyrocket. Indeed, despite the turmoil, turmoil, negative environment and sell-off in the crypto market, Tesla CEO has given a positive statement regarding Bitcoin and Dogecoin which are to some extent in favor of cryptocurrency bitcoin and enough to raise its price. Is.
Elon Musk Said Bitcoin Will Make It, Dogecoin To The Moon. Despite the chaos in the crypto world, he believes that a golden future for bitcoin is about to come soon. This comment was made by Elon on Monday which was based on the future of Bitcoin and Dogecoin. When asked by a user where the price of bitcoin will be in the coming year as it is trading at $16000 which is down from $69000 a year ago, Elon Musk gave this brilliant reply – that bitcoin will definitely make it, But maybe till the long winter.
After this remark by Musk, the price of bitcoin fell immediately where it increased from $16000 to $16987.
Elon Musk originally acquired Twitter and is currently the CEO of giants like Tesla and SpaceX. He is a great believer in bitcoin investment and also advises people to stay connected with cryptocurrency. Because they believe that digital currency is the coming future, all payments will be accepted in it and it will grow exponentially after the introduction of full web 3 and technology. He is known as the Dogfather of Doge Coin, a complete belief in the potential of Cryptocurrencies.
Not only this, Elon Musk currently takes transactions in the form of Doge Coin tokens for some merchant functions and he says that he is going to make this provision for SpaceX in the future as well. They recently took legal action to launch a digital payment service through apps like Twitter and plan to collect Dogecoin in the future. According to the report, if we talk, Elon has a treasure trove of bitcoins, he has many types of digital coins and assets lying with him. He also recently made a good comment about Dogecoin, after which its price also jumped.
When asked about the future of cryptocurrencies during a Twitter Space event in the wake of Saturday’s FTX explosion, Musk replied that he believes bitcoin, ethereum, dogecoin are the foundations of the upcoming future and that we need to know more. Should invest more in it. But we should keep it till our wallet and not for such exchange. As long as you have it in a cold wallet, you’re doing your best, he believes.


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