A report reveals that the Ukraine Cyber ​​Police has caught or busted a gang that defrauded or defrauded people with fake crypto investment offers. This cyber crime organization had its centers and headquarters in different European countries with its innumerable employees from where it used to monitor and make people victims of its fraud net.
The Cybercrime Combating Unit of the National Police of Ukraine (NPU) busted five Ukrainian citizens accused of participating in an international scheme that provided victims with promises of high profit growth from fraudulent investments in cryptocurrency securities.
According to Ukrainian police officials, the syndicate behind the criminal enterprise had set up representative offices and call centers in Europe, resulting in estimated annual losses of more than €200 million ($207 million).
The cyber police also said that law authorities in Albania, Finland, Georgia, Germany, Latvia and Spain also helped in the investigation and gathering of evidence against the organization which started in Ukraine in 2020. Apart from this, seven countries have also started court proceedings in this matter.
As you are aware that these organizations trap people with the greed of huge profit and money and then ask them to bet on fake crypto securities where many people have become victim of this fraud and they have lost their property and assets. Had to pick up The main objective of this group is to somehow connect people with this criminal and cyber network and make them a part of this fraud. For all this they talk to people and somehow encourage them to invest in crypto and promise great returns but never get it and all common people have to lose their original money as well. Most of this work is done at the call center where it has its main center and the main center of this criminal theft is in and around Ukraine. Under the penal process, there is a provision for 8 years in jail and for searching and interrogating other immediate relatives as well. According to the Cyber ​​Police Department, more than 500 computers and mobiles have been seized.
This plan is the biggest success of Cybercrime Police of Ukraine which they have achieved so far and this proves that such criminal incidents will not happen in future and people will not become victims of fraud and more and more awareness will arise inside people.


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