Home News An Indian IIT’ian launch SOLVO, an app that resolves Typical Crypto Investing!

An Indian IIT’ian launch SOLVO, an app that resolves Typical Crypto Investing!

We are all familiar with Cryptocurrency investing, that what its purpose, and how it gradually influence the world in past few years. But for the general public or new beginners in the field, it always seems quite complex to deal with the crypto world. And that is what 2 former employees of Revolut, think about. But they do not just think, even crack a solution for this.

Solvo, is a new mobile app that makes understanding and investing in crypto easy and so reliable, that everyone can invest in this market. It is founded by Ayelen Denovitzer and Shailendra Sason. More interestingly, Shailendra is an Indian IITian, who belongs to Bareilly, who persuaded his IIT from Pryagraj (Allahabad at that time). He met with Ayelen Denovitzer, during their working days at Revolut, specifically in the crypto team.

At the beginning of this year, Solvo raised a $3.5 Million seed round from Index Ventures. It boosted a quick growth in the company. They put together a small team of 10 employees, and start working on their app. And if we talk about the application’s actual concept, then it is inclined toward the concept of easiness for users.

It resolves the complexity of investing in cryptocurrency. If talks about the fact, if you want to buy a crypto asset then there are thousands of options to choose from. There are different tokens in the market, from which you have to take a decision. It makes the investors more confusive.

Thus, Solvo just picked up 10 cryptocurrencies, from which you can pick one out, to start investing. So that, you don’t mess up in an endless puzzling list of tokens. Even, solvo is able to make deposits and withdrawals of tokens.

According to the co-founder or CEO of Solvo, Ayelen Denovitzer- “Investing with Solvo will be simple, easy, and understandable – three words not associated with crypto. Solvo is meeting a clear need for investors today, offering products that are focused on high-quality assets, that provide diverse exposure and reduced risk as well as an attractive yield. It is for all the investors who want to use crypto to diversify their investments and want an easy way to do that”

That means, solvo is all here to solve investors’ complexity and in the journey to make crypto investing so easy, that everyone can be able to invest in cryptocurrencies. Now it will be interesting to see how Solvo fills the gap in the market, and how many investors it succeeded to grab towards the crypto world.



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