Arbitrum’s daily transaction count overtakes Ethereum for the first time

Layer two (L2) scaling networks have become more popular over the past 2 years for the simple reason that it allows secondary selection users to transact faster and pay lower fees. 39 days ago In the middle of January 2023 we can say that the number of transactions combined from L2 network Optimism and Arbitrum has surpassed the number of transactions per day of Ethereum while the number of transactions has decreased and the transfer number of Ethereum By 21 February 2023, the number of both networks has been halved. If we talk about the combined daily transaction count, Arbitrum’s daily transaction count has seen a rise this week and has overtaken Ethereum for the first time on Tuesday. Arbitrum processed 1.1 million transactions on 21 February 2023, compared to Ethereum’s 1.08 million, and the next day on Wednesday, it again beat Ethereum by processing 1.09 million, while Ethereum processed 1.08 million. The watershed moment was reported on social media by Abitrum. The official Abitrum Twitter account said, “For the first time ever, Abitrum One processed more transactions than Ethereum and this is a great achievement by our team and of course Arbitrum and we as a community have come a long way.” We have decided and we are grateful to have you with us and express our gratitude for the same. Our mission to scale Ethereum is on and will continue and the growth of transactions is reflected in the increase in the number of transactions in the Ethereum network. and last reported that on Thursday the average fee for a transaction on Ethereum’s blockchain is approximately 0.0041 ETH, or $6.87 per transaction, while the average fee is 0.0017 ETH, or $2.84 per transfer. On the same day we can say with certainty The average fee is $0.307 per transfer, while the Optimum price is $0.3601 per transaction.


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