Barcelona and Argentina football legend, Javier Mascherano has signed up for leading fiat-crypto payment gateway Alchemy Pay, according to an announcement on his social media platforms on December 1 that he has been officially enrolled as an ambassador. and is working to promote its payment features and products and subsequently working on the launch of co-branded NFTs and will ensure on a working basis that it and Alchemy Pay plan to work together and faithfully ensure that this is done in a manner where he says he has mixed his entire family of good and crime and in the same way around the world Alchemy is proof that he has created legal currency and has given its time to crypto and services like web3 where we can say that the partnership is definitely perfect, Mascherano announced on Twitter, and showed himself in the same spirit where he were in favor of and seeing himself as a spirit similar to Alchemy Pay.

Mascherano is a former captain of the Argentina national team and one of the most creative and defensive and outstanding midfielders in world football where he rose to prominence in Europe with River Plate before moving on to club legends Liverpool and Barcelona. Accordingly, he joined as a true legend of the game in which he is present with 5 point 8 million Instagram followers and 8 point one Twitter followers, as well as explaining the utility of crypto to people like Latin America and its utility. Always there to show and know that this is a brand Egypt’s support will benefit users in the US making it easy and convenient to buy crypto that is available and offered on Alchemy Pay’s OnRamp solution in their local Will be able to use currency and will be able to promote it more and more.
where we can say that Argentina had successfully given Lewandowski’s Poland stars 50 to qualify for the knockout stage of the World Cup and declared their support for Argentina. has been launched and will be excited to celebrate the FIFA World Cup 2022 with legends such as Barcelona and Liverpool and the World Cup legend Argentina team and debut the series of appearances and NFTs, while it is proof that the cooperation period Over the years both parties will primarily ramp up payment solutions and develop features such as NFT check-out so we can definitely say that Alchemy has become a leading payment provider that has taken crypto and its payment gateways into the mainstream and mainstream over the past 18 months. Opened to users where established in 2018 in Singapore, it is a payment gateway that seamlessly connects crypto and global transactions and currencies for merchants, businesses, developers, and mainly users And it ensures that they all occupy the same platform.
The Alchemy Pay Ramp solution is easily integrated into the platform via a plugin or API to provide an onramp from currency as well as an NFT checkout function, the newly introduced feature of Alchemy Pay, allowing users to make payments in their preferred fiat currency. Provides an option to purchase NFTs through the Service. Alchemy Pay supports payments from 173 countries – Visa, Mastercard, popular regional mobile wallets and emerging markets as well as domestic transfers and its ability to send users in 27 local currencies while we can say It is a blockchain system based on Ethereum and Binance and Alchemy Pay Network and Community Token.


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