The Metaverse has been associated with a lot of definitions. Some say it is a virtual reality world where people can experience things happening, while some define it as a creative platform for experiences like the Roblox game. In contrast, some define it as a Web3 framework where economic activities are interoperable (that means a system can work with or use the parts of another system). Contrary to the belief of most people, the metaverse conversation has been going on for a long time.

BIB Meta is a metaverse ecosystem that was launched recently in march 2022 for the platform users to learn, invest, network, entertain and play with the immersive features on the platform. The ecosystem was launched as a project by BIB holding group as their introduction to the metaverse industry. The BIB meta came out as the first web3 metaverse, which means they would be combining the powers of the Web3 with that of Cryptocurrency to create a metaverse to give its users a magnificent experience by forming unbreakable connections that will help to experience the blockchain technology and interacting with the virtual marketplaces on the metaverse and thereby getting profits.

The bottom line of BIB Meta is the idea of a community node that will allow the users to stake NFT (Non-Fungible Token) and enjoy dividends from it in return. The platform hopes to build a functional and diverse economy using the metaverse through the power of web3 and crypto. The company created it in the hope that the gameplay introduction for the meta-universe that will push their concept will be created and made available for their users.

The main pillar for the BIB Meta ecosystem is the BIB Token ($BIB), which is a decentralized payment network that utilizes “a basket of fiat-pegged stablecoins, algorithmically stabilized by its reserve currency BIB.” The token aims to rebuild the traditional payment stack on blockchain technology. BIB Meta has issued 100 billion $BIB in total issuance.

BIB Meta has also provided opportunities for its users to get other benefits through mining, purchasing NFTs, spending, staking, playing, and lots more. The platform has introduced a Game-Fi style which they hope will promote the multi-dimensional state of the platform. They have provided systems like trading card rarity score, personal collection UI space, collector ranking, and collection achievement to provide some kind of anticipation, empowerment, and fun to the users.

BIB Meta is a relatively new platform. The company has started making moves that will keep them relevant for a long time. They are bringing innovative ideas to create opportunities by which users can interact with the metaverse in the future. They have created a clear map to bring more users to their platform. Their plans for the World Cup coming up in Qatar would also push the platform forward. They are planning to launch World Cup trading cards and Match Prediction games, where users can stake their tokens on predicting games’ events with the chance of winning more.  They also plan to create and launch World Cup peripheral NFts that would be sold during and after the World Cup Events.

Apart from the World Cup, they are also planning to replicate the efforts they will put into the events to other events like the Euro Cup and E-sports, thereby launching them into a betting platform on the side and creating more exciting features for their users. Though the future of the metaverse and blockchain technology cannot be predicted, BIB Meta has launched a sustainable platform that can successfully explore the powers of Web3 and Cryptocurrency while giving the users of any interest reasons to use the platform more.

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