Dogecoin (DOGE) was displayed in the green on Thursday as the meme coin rebounded from recent lows and did not see a further increase in its price according to reports.
Certainly after a low of $0.07283 on Wednesday we can see that DOGECOIN managed to reach the intraday peak of $0.07736 earlier in today’s session and it did not take much time to reach the peak while $0.0715 is a level supporter. After the recent bounce from the point it has made moves to accelerate the price as well as today’s move shows that it certainly didn’t take long for the Relative Strength Index to reach the 40.00 range and then Only this increase has been registered.
Pretty much everything has faded out before this given time and as of writing meme coin is trading at $0.07657 and if we manage to climb above this threshold of price strength we will get that Dogecoin is likely to rally higher from the higher levels near $0.0800.
Litecoin ( LTC ) also definitely moved higher on Thursday as the coin continued to trade higher after moving from a one-week high and also advanced to an advanced peak of $66.51 earlier in today’s session if we talk about the USD. This comes after one day of taking a low of $65.09 and today’s high is slightly below Tuesday’s high which was at $66.90 on Tuesday and is a high point for LTC. Was.

The move is progressing with the 10-day (red) and the 25-day blue average in spite of it and if we look at the index in relative terms we find that it is tracking at 39.67, which appears to be at 45.00. It is below the next resistance line that could allow LTC to climb above the $70.00 price point.


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