Litecoin has been on a notable uptrend on November 30, as the coin neared a recent six-month high. While cryptocurrency prices remained in the green on Wednesday after yesterday’s gains, the global market capitalization was written down as much as 2.07%. Near Protocol also moved up as the price reversed from recent lows.LTC/USD hit a high of $79.73 earlier in today’s session and traded as low as $75.21 in less than 24 hours.
This move saw LTC move higher than expected last Wednesday when the coin hit a high of $83.43. This comes in the form of a recent Relative Strength Index (RSI) change since May 10, the strongest point for Litecoin, and at the time of writing, the index is currently tracking at 65.48, hitting support at 61.45. is the format.
The earlier gains have pared somewhat and, LTC is now trading at $78.04. Despite this, the bulls may still aim for an increase above $80.00.
Near Protocol (NEAR) was able to post another gain on Wednesday as the price moved away from recent highs.
Following Tuesday’s low of $1.59, NEAR/USD rose to a day’s high of $1.73 earlier today as a result of which the Near Protocol moved away from its long-term point of $1.50, and is now close to the resistance point of $1.75.NEAR $1.73 down from the previous level of , and is currently trading at $1.70.
We will likely see the coin race from the $1.75 point, and move closer to $2.00.


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