Shark Tank Star Kevin O’Leary Says Most Crypto Tokens are Worthless – ‘They Will Eventually Go To Zero’

During an interview with Scott Melker on the Wolf of the States podcast published on Tuesday, Kevin O’Leary shared his thoughts on cryptocurrency investing and said that there are 10,000 tokens and most of them are worthless. In this, of course, due to lack of stability, they will become zero in level and they are irrelevant. Some data providers state that there are currently around 10,000 cryptocurrencies while Coin Market Cap shows a total of 22476 crypto tokens.
Gary Gensler, chairman of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, has stated on multiple occasions that most crypto token assets will fail and he recently said this while urging investors not to be in fear of missing out. . Sure enough, Mr. Wonderful has said that he agrees with and admires the former CEO of the infamous crypto exchange that went into dire straits in November, and that he was also a spokesperson for that exchange. Of course he was paid $15 million to be the spokesperson while Mr. Wonderful said that he “in the interim, to bring our allocation back we just went to the market and started trading bitcoin, polygon, Ethereum, HBAR bought new positions in, just a few – seven positions. He goes on to explain that we went back to analyze the volatility of our portfolio pre-FTX and now post-FTX and we now have 32 positions on the pre-FTX collapse We were, and now we are together and we’re definitely getting the same volatility with a fraction of the ticker’s real numbers.” The Shark Tank star continued by saying that “You don’t have to be exposed to cryptocurrency volatility. You don’t need to do anything for “”. Broadly speaking, you don’t need more than 7 and you’re getting volatility like that.
Of course, Mr. Wonderful has always stood by founder Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) after the collapse of crypto exchange FTX, and has also said that if he has a great idea to move forward, he will The story goes, of course he would back him up and asserted that the former CEO was an excellent trader who knew all about trader tricks.


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