Biggest Movers: LTC Rushes to 9-Month High, ATOM Extends Recent Gains

Litecoin ( LTC ) managed to hit a 9-month high on Wednesday as the price once again climbed above key resistance levels.
Even from trading at a low of $93.05, in less than 24 hours Litecoin reached a peak of $97.73 as we see in today’s session. After this rally, this is the highest and strongest point the coin has reached since May 5, when the price was at an all-time high of $106.86. Looking at the chart, we can tell that this move is seen after breaking an upper boundary of $95.50 and the Relative Strength Index has already hit its resistance level and at the time of writing, the index is at 65.96. Tracking down we see a slight downside from a resistance level of 66.00. At this point the earlier gains have been negated and we now see Litecoin trading at $95.58.
Cosmos ( ATOM ) was another notable mover in today’s session in which we have received a steady climb of other countries and on Tuesday we can see that after a low of $13.15, ATOM /USD rose to a peak of $13.84 earlier in the day. reached. Wednesday’s rally has gotten the cosmos climbing near its highest point since November 8 at $13.50 in the process while this resistance level was broken and the 14-day Relative Strength Index was coming into its own at 66.00. As of writing, the index is tracking at 61.77 after bouncing from the support point at 58.00. If this high point is reached at 66.00, then there is a possibility that ATOM can trade above $14.00.


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