Solana (SOL) made a remarkable profit taking the price to a 3-week high and after hitting a low of $13.61 on Tuesday, the coin certainly climbed to a high of $14.68 in the first session today. reached and accordingly it resulted in its strongest point since Nov 26 which is last seen trading at a key high at $14.70 and is yet to break that point after today’s gains and currently this token is trading at $14 and definitely this token also increased in 14 day Relative Strength Index (RSI) and currently definitely it is tracking at 48.36 which is out of this stalemate level Unable to exit. We know that the index functions below the 49.00 a height limit and it certainly appears to be the main barrier to prevent any further upside.
On the other hand, Cardano (ADA) just moved away from the lows of recent days and how distorted this time before today’s FOMC meetings after moving away from the levels of 8 days and ADA earlier days at $0.3069 This came 1 day after reaching a peak of $0.3152, sending the price rally to its strongest level since December 5, above the last time the price hit a high of $0.3270. and it is seen that the consolidation started with today’s price after an unsuccessful black out at 46.00 ceiling on RSI indicator and currently this index is definitely going to move up to 43.79 and In which momentum is moving 37.60 as a tem and if this price strength reaches this point then definitely it is likely that ADA is trading near $0.3000 support level and definitely we can say that There is hope that ADA will accelerate.


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