Biggest movers: SOL, SHIB remain at multi-month highs despite market consolidation

Solana (SOL) started the week close to its 2-month high, yet the markets are certainly busy consolidating recent gains.
Solana/USD touched a day’s high of $24.75 on Monday, appearing less than a day after falling to a low of $22.68. The move certainly resulted in the coin remaining at or near the week’s high of $25.03, which was certainly one of Solana’s highest and strongest points since November 8th.
If we look at the charts, we find that Solana is still somewhat bullish as the 14-day Relative Strength Index (RSI) moved above its support point at 80.00 and tracked till then. continues.
Speaking of which, at the time of writing this index is currently tracking at 80.18 in which Solana appears to be trading at a $23.42  point. If this index is around
If it holds at 80.00, it is likely that Solana may move towards $25.00 once again.

Similarly, Shiba Inu (SHIB) maintains this month’s high as its process keeps aside at today’s price and after going down to a low of $0.00001009 on Sunday it is at $0.00001099 earlier today. Reached the advanced peak of. If we look at Monday’s action, we find that meme coins continue to trade around the 2-month high of $0.00001111 seen last Friday, and in addition, like many cryptocurrencies in the past week, its prices have recently recovered. There was overbought on the days in which the Relative Stand Index fell from a high of 80.00. The index currently appears to be at 73.00 and with a floor at 70.00 it is potentially a target for sellers while on Monday the bells seem to be rejecting this offer and instead holding above $0.00001100. Keeping an eye on the rally and we can say the biggest achievements of shiba and solana tokens, which will be very fast movers of the day.


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