Biggest Movers: XRP Hits 3-Month High as Crypto Markets Consolidate on Monday

XRP, formerly known as Ripple, was one of the notable gainers on Monday as the token hit a 3-month high in today’s session. If we talk about XRP, it hit an intraday peak of $0.431 and retraced from Sunday’s low of $0.3979. Certainly today’s price rise has resulted in the coin returning to its highest value since November 8th and looking at the chart we can see that this move took place after the ceiling at the $0.410 resistance level was broken. went. As of writing, XRP is still trading above this point while earlier gains have pared significantly and the price is now at $0.420. If we talk about the 14 day relative strength index it is tracking at 68.64 and is close to the high range of 69.00 and being a gainer it has lost momentum. In addition, Dogecoin (DOGE) was in a strong position earlier this week, with Meme Coin hovering near a key resistance level. Dogecoin/USD reached an intraday high of $0.09289 earlier today after a low of $0.0861 on Sunday. Certainly this bounce signals that Dogecoin appears to break a resistance point of $0.09200 which in the process closes after a 6 week high and as we can see in the chart, this breakout This was not sustained, meme coin is now trading below $0.09000 and the reasons for the afternoon decline is the fact that the price is facing a resistance with strength and currently if we look at the relative strength index A fact that is tracking at 63.51, which is slightly below the 64.00 mark range and looks like the earlier bulls got nervous.


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