Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) Olga Goncharova pointed out that Binance, the world’s largest exchange for crypto-assets, is of course fully prepared to provide assistance to the Central Bank of Azerbaijan within a wide range of systems and services.

While stating that it was disclosed by a representative of Binance that during the recently concluded meeting with CBI officials different types of regulatory issues were discussed and said that according to the practice elsewhere around the world Central banks in CIS countries are more inclined to regulate cryptocurrency and while it is not necessary to ban it and he elaborates that introducing regulation will increase the confidence of the industry as well as other types of foreign investment in us and the future. In which we see strong potential for crypto industry and a variety of other bright services related to crypto sector and that is why traders from other CIS countries show interest in their products.

They say that even though this year due to various reasons we have seen a sense of despair in this industry and we have reached the brink of loss regarding the product but as long as people have faith in us and respect for it Till then this technology will grow continuously and interest of people in it will be very high and definitely this technology will solve all the challenges that citizens are facing today i.e. faster services at minimum cost and consumer and user Will be able to devote his entire mind towards the development of this industry. He also notes that in addition to Azerbaijan, the exchange has also held meetings in other states in Central Asia, including Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, and has every intention of expanding that geography.
At the beginning of October the crypto exchange supported the Kazakhstan government’s offer in the safe development of the country’s crypto market and also expected cooperation with its financial authorities and assured them that everything was going according to plan. and was subsequently licensed as a provider of crypto exchange and custody services, and the global trading platform is also looking to expand its presence in Romania, announcing a new office through a new term in September. And the crypto industry on the way to growth is getting regulatory attention with comments made by Founder and CEO CZK during a visit to Bucharest.

They say that like other industries we have been hit with negative sentiment and views as the world’s leading crypto exchange service and it is definitely a dangerous world out there for the industry the latest technology and event was the collapse of FTX And of course on December we hit 3 billion and in a report it was mentioned in a memo to Zhao warning colleagues to expect strong volatility to come.
Certainly Binance, infamous as a crypto exchange, definitely sees success in this industry and believes that the crypto industry will go a long way in the coming times and certainly supports this technology as a whole where it says We will definitely grow in this field and our growth will go ahead where through that the world is assured that crypto trading is really engaging in a good process


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