Bitcoin continues to record blocks above 3.75Mb range as simple inscription nears 150,000

After a significant increase in demand since the end of January, on February 19, 2023, the number of simple inscriptions is reaching close to one lakh 50 thousand. It was reported 1 week ago that blocks larger than 3MB are now common and are being mined regularly. It also increased the average block size and is calculated by dividing the total of all types of blocks mined in a day by 144, which is the number of blocks mined per day. It seems more. Statistics from show that on February 12, 2023, the average block size reached a high of 2.525 MB. Certainly the average block size has decreased and on 18 February 2023 it was 2.114 MB. Along with blocks larger than 3MB, there is also an increasing number of blocks mined from near the 4MB range. According to data from, a list of blocks 3.75 MB or larger has been mined. For example, block heights #774,628, #777,302, #776,310, #777,320, and #777,303 are all 3.93 MB or larger. Blocks larger than 3.75MB have been mined in February and the average on chain fee for bitcoin has remained stable, and remains within a range of $1.7, with its hash fee increasing by 122% during the first week of February 2023. . On February 15, 2023, bitcoin’s fee per transfer rose to a high of $2.465. As of February 18, 2023, the average size fee is roughly 0.00003 BTC or $0.744 per transfer. Median fees on bitcoin have also remained stable after an initial increase during the first week of February. Only 4 days ago the number of simple inscriptions reached one lakh and now it is continuously reaching close to 150000. As of the time of writing, there are approximately 145,630 simple tokens embedded in the bitcoin blockchain.


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