Bitcoin, Ethereum Technical Analysis: BTC, ETH Consolidate After Recent Highs.

Bitcoin consolidated to start the week as the price once again failed to break above its resistance level. If we talk about it, after hitting a high of $21,345.25 on Sunday, bitcoin fell to a low of $20,681.98 earlier in today’s session.
This decline is definitely seen when the world’s largest cryptocurrency was unable to move beyond its long term range of $21400 and looking at the charts we can guess that it was expected to some extent. Because the 14-day Relative Strength Index was showing in the overbought region. At the time of writing, price strength is currently seen at 86.65 after failing to move north of the 90.00 mark.
It is predicted that there could be even more downside on the cards this week with the $20000 floor potentially a target for sellers.
Speaking of which, Ethereum also retraced from recent highs and it shows after its own failed breakout. Ethereum dropped to a low of $1,529.79 earlier today which reflects or appears to us after trading at a high of $1,579.48 on Sunday. Ethereum failed to rise above a high of $1580 and it showed some bearish sentiment again. Similar to bitcoin, Ethereum price was heavily overbought since January 2021 with its high value and index at its high point.
Now appearing at 83.46 the next visible range seems to be at the 70.00 mark which if hit could see Ethereum trading around $1475.According to the data, it is known that in the coming time, crypto currency like bitcoin and Ethereum definitely needs improvement, so that again there can be an opportunity to provide excellent returns to the investors and the market can bounce again.


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