Blockchain technology, according to Alibaba founder Jack Ma, is poised to transform our world in more ways than we realize.

Prosperity, one of the top blockchain startups, provides users with various trading, shopping, and playing platforms that include the Prosperity Tokens, Prosperity Mall, and Prosperity Lottery.

Technology like blockchain is bringing new opportunities and tools to traditional online multi-store shopping marketplaces. Blockchain allows for the creation of a pure-player, a decentralized, multi-seller marketplace that acts as a self-governing ecosystem for sellers and buyers.
Customers will be able to buy products validated or verified by blockchain platforms on Prosperity Mall’s online storefronts.
Prosperity Mall, when combined with blockchain, provides greater security and anonymity to consumers, as there is no centralized system monitoring and collecting data on blockchain. Data control is placed in the hands of the shopper, so they can either sell that data to third parties or keep it for themselves.
As the brand builds utility for its token, Crypto base lottery is the brand’s move into defi and staking. Prosperity Lottery has a clear and structured roadmap. As the lotto jackpot grows, so do the winning odds – thereby increasing the chances of each ticket winning. A percentage of every ticket sale is distributed amongst stakers in the deflationary (no minting) farm, providing additional decentralised finance earning potential.
“The mission of our company is to provide a centralised system for BlockChain-based products. We will launch Prosperity Wallet, Prosperity Exchange, and Prosperity Charts within the next 5 months. In addition, Prosperity Academy and Prosperity Blockchain will be launched next year” said CEO of Prosperity.
About Prosperity
Growing technology company Prosperity specializes in SaaS solutions and Blockchain applications. SaaS platform powerbridge enables cross-border e-commerce, supply chain, data intelligence, and IoT applications. Prosperity Blockchain offers services to mine BTC and ETC, IPFS distributed network services, and industry-specific Blockchain applications.
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